Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List – Best Champions & Starter

Raid: Shadow Legends Tier List – Best Champions & Starter

Raid: Shadow Legends features hundreds of unique champions, each with their own set of abilities and playstyle. Which champions should you focus on, and where should you spend your resources? Find out in this complete tier list of the best epic and legendary champions in the game.

Some of the very best champions of legendary-rarity in Raid: Shadow Legends include Arbiter, Zavia, Vizier Ovelis, Rae, Martyr, Zavia, Sir Nicholas, Big ‘Un, Bad-El-Kazar, and Prince Kymar. All of these champions will perform well on any late-game team; thus, they are all safe to invest significant resources into once you acquire them. To get a more in-depth view of each champions’ potential, you’ll find a full tier list below, as well as explanations and tips.

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Full Raid: Shadow Legends tier list

In the following table, you’ll find all epic and legendary champions ranked in tiers from S to D, S being the best, D being the worst. This tier list is an overall tier list that takes all game modes into account. A tier list like this one gives a great indication of which heroes are worthwhile to invest resources into, and which ones you might want to swap out.

Explanation of tiers

S Tier – The very best champions in the game. Champions in the S tier will perform well on any team, and thus you can safely invest many resources into these champions.

A Tier – Champions in this tier are above average and has a lot of potential. You can safely use these champions on your team, especially if they have great synergy with other champions currently on your team.

B Tier – These champions perform as you’d expect, they aren’t strong per se, but aren’t weak either. If you a champion with a specific role, ability, etc. you can look for them here if need be.

C Tier – In the C tier, you’ll find champions who are underperforming, and thus resources shouldn’t be invested heavily into these champions.

D Tier – The weakest champions with the least impact reside in this tier. If you have any of these on your team, you should aim to replace them if you wish to maximize your team’s potential

Vizier OvelisSLegendaryDark ElvesAttackForce
ArbiterSLegendaryHigh ElvesSupportVoid
Bad-el-KazarSLegendaryUndead HordesSupportForce
Big´UnSLegendaryOgryn TribesAttackMagic
MartyrSLegendaryThe Sacred OrderDefenseSpirit
Prince KymarSLegendaryDemonspawnSupportMagic
RaeSLegendaryDark ElvesAttackMagic
Sir NicholasSLegendaryThe Sacred OrderHPVoid
ZaviaSLegendaryDark ElvesAttackForce
JulianaSEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackMagic
SkullcrownSEpicKnight RevenantAttackVoid
TayrelSEpicHigh ElvesDefenseMagic
Crypt-King GraalALegendaryUndead HordesSupportMagic
Hakkorhn SmashlordALegendarySkinwalkersHPMagic
LyssandraALegendaryHigh ElvesSupportVoid
Queen EvaALegendaryDark ElvesAttackSpirit
Rhazin ScarhideALegendaryLizardmenDefenseForce
Royal HuntsmanALegendaryHigh ElvesAttackSpirit
VenusALegendaryThe Sacred OrderSupportVoid
Golden ReaperAEpicKnight RevenantSupportVoid
LuaAEpicDark ElvesAttackVoid
SkullcrusherAEpicOgryn TribesDefenseForce
BattlesageAEpicHigh ElvesSupportVoid
DoompriestAEpicKnight RevenantSupportForce
GorgorabAEpicUndead HordesSupportMagic
PsylarAEpicDark ElvesSupportVoid
Rearguard SergeantAEpicDwarvesDefenseForce
Royal GuardAEpicHigh ElvesAttackMagic
AotharAEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackForce
FrostbringerAEpicThe Sacred OrderSupportMagic
Suwai FirstbornAEpicBarbariansAttackVoid
LightswornAEpicThe Sacred OrderDefenseVoid
ManeaterAEpicOgryn TribesHPVoid
GorgorabAEpicUndead HordesSupportMagic
Occult BrawlerAEpicOgryn TribesHPSpirit
Corpse CollectorAEpicUndead HordesSupportForce
SeekerAEpicUndead HordesDefenseMagic
SineshaAEpicKnight RevenantSupportForce
ThenasilAEpicHigh ElvesSupportForce
ZelotahAEpicUndead HordesSupportSpirit
Mausoleum MageAEpicUndead HordesSupportForce
BaronBLegendaryBanner LordsAttackVoid
CupidusBLegendaryThe Sacred OrderAttackSpirit
Drexthar BloodtwinBLegendaryDemonspawnDefenseForce
FoliBLegendaryDark ElvesAttackMagic
GhostbornBLegendaryDark ElvesSupportSpirit
HegemonBLegendaryKnight RevenantAttackVoid
Lugan the SteadfastBLegendaryBanner LordsHPSpirit
NethrilBLegendaryUndead HordesAttackSpirit
Roshcard the TowerBLegendaryThe Sacred OrderHPMagic
SkartosisBLegendaryUndead HordesSupportForce
AbbessBLegendaryThe Sacred OrderAttackForce
Teela GoremaneBLegendaryOrcsSupportMagic
BelanorBLegendaryHigh ElvesAttackVoid
Black KnightBLegendaryBanner LordsHPForce
Blind SeerBLegendaryDark ElvesSupportVoid
ElenarilBLegendaryHigh ElvesAttackMagic
ErrolBLegendaryThe Sacred OrderAttackForce
IgnatiusBLegendaryOgryn TribesDefenseMagic
Inithwe BloodtwinBLegendaryDemonspawnAttackVoid
IthosBLegendaryHigh ElvesAttackVoid
Lord ChampfortBLegendaryBanner LordsHPMagic
Lord ShazarBLegendaryDemonspawnAttackSpirit
Mountain KingBLegendaryDwarvesAttackForce
Elder SkargBLegendaryBarbariansAttackForce
RaglinBLegendaryBanner LordsSupportVoid
Richtoff the BoldBLegendaryBanner LordsAttackSpirit
SeptimusBLegendaryBanner LordsAttackSpirit
ShirimaniBLegendaryHigh ElvesSupportForce
Trunda GiltmalletBLegendaryDwarvesAttackMagic
LuriaBEpicDark ElvesAttackSpirit
RowanBEpicBanner LordsAttackVoid
Defiled SinnerBEpicUndead HordesAttackForce
AdrielBEpicThe Sacred OrderSupportMagic
AzureBEpicBanner LordsHPVoid
Baerdal FellhammerBEpicDwarvesAttackVoid
Crimson HelmBEpicDark ElvesDefenseSpirit
Dark AthelBEpicUndead HordesAttackMagic
ExemplarBEpicHigh ElvesAttackVoid
FenaxBEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackSpirit
HordinBEpicBanner LordsAttackMagic
Infernal BaronessBEpicDemonspawnDefenseForce
JinglehunterBEpicHigh ElvesAttackSpirit
Knight ErrantBEpicBanner LordsAttackSpirit
LuthieaBEpicHigh ElvesAttackForce
NecrohunterBEpicKnight RevenantAttackMagic
OathboundBEpicBanner LordsDefenseForce
Pitiless OneBEpicKnight RevenantAttackMagic
RelickeeperBEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackForce
RomeroBEpicThe Sacred OrderDefenseForce
ShatterbonesBEpicOgryn TribesAttackForce
SpiderBEpicDark ElvesSupportForce
TalliaBEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackMagic
Towering TitanBEpicOgryn TribesHPVoid
WardenBEpicDark ElvesDefenseSpirit
CardinalBEpicThe Sacred OrderSupportVoid
High KhatunBEpicBarbariansSupportSpirit
Mistress of HymnsBEpicThe Sacred OrderSupportSpirit
WarcasterBEpicBanner LordsSupportVoid
Yaga the InsatiableBEpicSkinwalkersAttackForce
BloodgorgedCLegendaryUndead HordesAttackForce
BystophusCLegendaryKnight RevenantAttackForce
Ma´ShalledCLegendaryUndead HordesAttackSpirit
Grohak The BloodiedCLegendaryOrcsAttackMagic
SethalliaCLegendaryBanner LordsSupportMagic
ShamrockCLegendaryOgryn TribesSupportSpirit
AstralithCLegendaryDark ElvesAttackSpirit
SoullessCLegendaryKnight RevenantDefenseVoid
Tomb LordCLegendaryKnight RevenantSupportSpirit
War MotherCLegendaryOgryn TribesAttackMagic
Corpse CollectorCEpicUndead HordesSupportForce
Grizzled JarlCEpicDwarvesDefenseMagic
SeneschalCEpicBanner LordsDefenseForce
CagebreakerCEpicOgryn TribesAttackSpirit
DelverCEpicDark ElvesAttackSpirit
HopeCEpicThe Sacred OrderHPMagic
HuskCEpicUndead HordesHPForce
LichCEpicUndead HordesDefenseForce
MarksmanCEpicHigh ElvesAttackSpirit
Rock BreakerCEpicDwarvesDefenseSpirit
CanonessCEpicThe Sacred OrderDefenseMagic
Crypt WitchCEpicKnight RevenantAttackMagic
DeathlessCEpicKnight RevenantDefenseSpirit
GalkutCEpicOgryn TribesAttackSpirit
KytisCEpicKnight RevenantAttackSpirit
Sanctioned PurifierCEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackForce
VergisCEpicHigh ElvesDefenseSpirit
Gurgoh the AugurDLegendaryOgryn TribesAttackVoid
YannicaDLegendaryHigh ElvesAttackSpirit
BushiDEpicThe Sacred OrderAttackSpirit
FacelessDEpicKnight RevenantAttackVoid
GrimskinDEpicOgryn TribesDefenseMagic
HexiaDEpicUndead HordesAttackForce
KaramDEpicUndead HordesAttackForce
MissionaryDEpicThe Sacred OrderHPForce

Let’s take a look at some of the S-tier champions and what makes them strong enough to claim this tier on the list.

Tayrel – Defense and crowd control monster

Tayrel is an incredible hero to bring in terms of tankiness. Just having him on your team increases the defense stat of all allies by 25% at all times. Furthermore, Tayrel possesses a ton of defense powerful debuffs that decreases the enemies’ defense and attack stats. Tayrel also has a skill that decreases the enemy’s turn meter by 50% and stuns them for 2 turns if the attack depletes their turn meter. Because of his skillset, Tayrel is an excellent crowd control champion that can turn around a fight entirely.

Bad-El-Kazar – Dark Spheres for days

Bad-El-Kazar is a popular pick amongst top players of RAID: Shadow Legends. He is most known for his incredible skill, Dark Sphere. Dark Sphere damages all enemies and heals Bad-El-Kazar and all his allies by 20% of the damage dealt by Dark Sphere. Because of this, Bad-El-Kazar makes up for the loss of damage associated with bringing a healer on your team. Furthermore, Bad-El-Kazar can disable all debuffs on allies, and has an aura that buffs all allies’ crit rate by 25% at all times. All of these things makes Bad-El-Kazar one of the very best champions in the game.

Vizier Ovelis – Damage and debuffs

Vizier Ovelis is an incredible attacker and debuffer. All of Vizier Ovelis’ skills deal damage, and apply some kind of debuffs. His debuffs decrease the enemies’ defense and attack stats. Vizir of Poisons, his 5 turn cooldown skill, not only deals a ton of damage, but also applies spreads the debuffs on the target to other enemies. Furthermore, this skill places Perfect Veil on Vizier Ovelis for 3 turns, if he doesn’t have 2 or more debuffs on him. Another attribute Vizier Ovelis is known for, is his aura which increases the attack of all allies by 34% in dungeons.

Best starter champion

You can choose between 4 different champions as your starter champion, Elhain, Kael, Galek, and Athel. These four champions are all of rare-rarity, which means you will be swapping them out for epic and legendary champions down the road. However, choosing the correct starter champion will still have an impact on your team’s strength for a while.

We believe the best starter champion to choose in order is: Kael, Athel, Elhain, Galek. Let’s take a closer look at each of the starter champions to get an idea of why we’ve chosen to rank them in this order.


Kael is an attacker who belongs to the Dark Elves faction and carries the magic affinity, which means he deals extra damage to those with the spirit affinity. Kael posses four skills:

  • Dark Bolt – Deals damage to a single enemy and has a chance of placing a 2.5% poison debuff for 2 turns
  • Acid Rain – Kael calls down a rain of acid which damages all enemies while having a higher chance of dealing critical damage. This skill has a 3 turn cooldown.
  • Disintegrate – Attacks 4 times at random and has a chance of placing a 5% poison debuff for 2 turns. This skill has a 5 turn cooldown.
  • Aura – A buff that increases ally HP in all battles by 15%

Given his skillset, Kael thrives at AoE damage output, while dishing out some powerful debuffs at enemies. Furthermore, his buff, Aura, gives a significant boost to the health of his allies. However, all other starter champions also possess this skill. Kael is especially strong against certain bosses later on, which could be troublesome without his aid. All in all, Kael is a powerful, well-rounded attacker who excels at AoE and bossing. Because of all this, we recommend you choose Kael as your starter champion.


Athel is an attacker who belongs to the faction, The Sacred Order, and carries the magic affinity, which means she deals extra damage to those with the spirit affinity. Athels four skills are:

  • Strike Down – Attacks an enemy 3 times and has a 75% chance to place a 25% weaken debuff for two turns on the last hit.
  • Divine Blades – Athel calls down divine blades damaging all enemies while having a higher chance of dealing critical damage. This skill has a 3 turn cooldown.
  • Higher Blessing – Athel places a buff on herself that increases her damage by 25% for two turns. If Athel has less than 50% health remaining, this skill places a 30% defense increase buff on her. Furthermore, Athel gains an extra turn. This skill has a 4 turn cooldown.
  • Aura – A buff that increases ally HP in all battles by 15%

Athel deals a lot of damage and can place powerful debuffs on her enemies and buff herself. Athel’s stats fall just short of Kael’s, but they are very close in power. Therefore, Athel is an excellent choice if you prefer her playstyle to Kael’s. Because of this, we’ve put Athel as our second choice as the best starter champion.


Elhain is of the High Elves faction, is an attacker, and carries the magic affinity, which makes her deal more damage to champions carrying the spirit affinity. Elhain’s four skills are as follows:

  • Keen Shot – Elhain fires her bow dealing damage to an enemy, placing an extra hit if the attack is critical.
  • Lightning Arrow – Attacks a single enemy, then damages all enemies. This attack has an extra 15% chance of doing critical damage. Using this skill gives Elhain a 30% crit buff for 3 turns if the target is slain. This skill has a 5 turn cooldown.
  • Valley of Death – Elhain fires a valley at enemies, damaging all of them 2 times. This skill has a 3 turn cooldown.
  • Aura – A buff that increases ally HP in all battles by 15%

Like Kael, Elhain focuses on AoE damage output but does fall short of how much damage Kael can dish out. Furthermore, Elhain doesn’t possess any abilities that help the rest of the team except aura, which all other starters also possess. If you are seeking a champion who can’t do much else than dish out damage, then Elhain could be for you. However, we’ve still placed her as our third choice as the best starter champion.


Galek is an attacker who belongs to the Orcs faction and carries the magic affinity, which means he deals extra damage to champions carrying the spirit affinity. Galek’s four skills are:

  • Cross Slash – Galek swings his axe dealing damage to a single enemy twice
  • Hellraiser – Attacks all enemies with a 15% increased critical strike chance. Hellraiser also places a 30% SPD boost on Galek for 2 turns when used. This skill has a 3 turn cooldown.
  • Cursed Blade – Galek deals damage 4 times at random. Cursed Blade has a 30% chance of placing a 30% def debuff on enemies for 2 turns. If the enemy has more than 2 debuffs, Cursed Blade has a 30% chance of placing a 60% defense debuff on the enemy.
  • Aura – A buff that increases ally HP in all battles by 15%

Galek is a fighter with single target damage and some AoE. However, Galek can’t keep up in terms of usability. Thus he quickly falls short of the other starter champions. He does possess some great debuffs, but one is contingent on having many debuffs on your team already. Therefore, Galek is our fourth choice as the best starter champion.

Starter champions Elhain Kael Galek Athel Raid: Shadow Legends

Best attackers, HPs, Defenders and Supports

When building your perfect team, you’ll likely find yourself in the situation of needing a champion of a specific role to balance out your team. Therefore, we’re featuring what we believe are the best champions from each role in this section. Notice, the perfect team doesn’t necessarily consist of all roles. We have, however, found that having too many champions of the same role can be damaging to the overall potential of the team.

Best Attack champions

As the name suggests, champions of the attack role specialize in dishing out tons of damage at the enemy, but often at the expense of not having buffs and high defenses. Nevertheless, attackers are crucial for having enough damage to take down the enemy. Here are some of the very best attackers in the game:

  • Rae
  • Zavia
  • Big ‘Un
  • Skullcrow
  • Vizier Ovelis
  • Juliana

Best HP champions

Champions of the HP role have a higher HP stat and defenses than other roles. Furthermore, HP champions possess powerful healing abilities and buffs that increase the defenses of the entire team. Therefore, HP champions are great for avoiding your team gets taken out quickly because of lack of tankiness. The best HP champions in the game are:

  • Sir Nicholas
  • Hakkorhn Smashlord

Best Defense champions

Similar to the HP category, defense champions poss several buffs that increase the defenses and stats of ally champions. Champions of the defense role usually also possess skills that place debuffs on the enemy or skills that protect allies from damage. Some of the best Defense champions in the game are:

  • Martyr
  • Tayrel
  • Rhazin Scarahide

Best Support champions

Support champions excel at, as their role suggests, supporting ally champions. They possess skills that buff ally champions stats, including attack stats and critical rate, which HP and Defense champions do not. Furthermore, many support champions also can decrease the duration of enemy buffs/debuffs on ally champions. Even though support champions themselves usually don’t possess the best offensive skills, their buffs bring the entire team’s damage output and utility to new heights. The best support champions in Raid: Shadow Legends are:

  • Bad-El-Kazar
  • Prince Kymar
  • Arbiter
  • Lyssandra
  • Venus

We hope you enjoyed our take on a Raid: Shadow Legends tier list on the best champions and starters in the game. As a last note, we would like to add that many factors go into how powerful a team is. We recommend considering other factors such as synergy and roles when creating your team. If you have any input, recommendations, or feedback on this tier list, we welcome it in the comment section below.

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