7 Ways To Get Better Aim In Fortnite

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Improving your aim in Fortnite is one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning.

By simply playing the game, your aim should increase over time.


There are, however, ways to improve your aim at a faster rate than just playing normally.

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Aim Practice Maps

Creative maps are a great way to improve your aim.

Many maps have been created for the sole purpose of practicing your aim in different situations, with different guns, and even in combination with building and editing.

Another benefit of using the creative mode is that you have infinite time, ammo and don’t have to worry about being taken out.

We’ve made a list over these maps in our aim practice map code list.

Otherwise, here are a few aim courses you can try:

  • 3814-2918-8889
  • 6311-1794-9504
  • 1444-8820-3941
Aim Practice map in creative Fortnite

Mouse sensitivity

Having a too fast or too slow mouse sensitivity can have a negative impact on your aim.

However, the optimal sensitivity, at least according to pro players, might be lower than you think.

Most pros players in Fortnite use a sensitivity of 400-800 DPI, and an in-game x and y sensitivity of 0,06-0,1.

Try out different sensitivities within this range and you might experience your aim increasing.

Learn more about mouse settings and key bindings in our best key bindings and mouse sensitivity guide.

Pickaxe training

A great way to practice your aim is actually by training your pickaxing skills.

Even though this doesn’t include shooting of any kind, it improves your accuracy.

The way to do this pickaxe training is simply by going to objects and start hitting it with your pickaxe.

What you need to do in order to make this training, is hit the bonus marks on whatever you are hitting.

These bonus marks are the blue circles you see on structures that double your damage on that hit and give you double the resources.

To make this practice even more effective, go to a spot where two obstacles are close together so you can hit one object’s bonus circle and then the other object’s bonus circle.

A great place to do this is at the container yard.

Use playground mode or creative mode to make this most effective.

Pickaxe training in Fortnite

Size of mousepad

Having a bigger mousepad can be a major advantage when it comes to aiming.

Because you can achieve a more precise aim with lower sensitivity, many players switch to a bigger mousepad.

By doing this, they can still turn an adequate amount, while keeping their low sensitivity.

This can also be done without a bigger mousepad, but it is recommended to try and clear up some space for longer mouse strokes.

Arm position

Some players only have their wrist and hand on their table limiting their mouse stroke length.

This can be a problem, especially at lower sensitivities which you want to have in Fortnite.

Changing your arm position so that your entire forearm rests on the table will increase your mouse stroke length.

This will make it easier to utilize a low sensitivity, and therefore improve your aim once you get used to this new position.

Here’s an example of Tfue using this arm position.

Tfue playing Fortnite screenshot

Stretched resolution

Using a stretched resolution has become increasingly popular amongst Fortnite players.

Many users of this stretched resolution report higher FPS, better field of view, and even better aim because characters are stretched, making them seem better.

It is not guaranteed that switching to a stretched resolution will improve your aim, however, many do say so.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can learn more about it in our how to get stretched resolution guide.

Example of what stretched resolution looks like:

Example of stretched resolution in Fortnite

Use of mouse

What mouse you are using can have an impact on your aim.

Because aim comes down to precision, having a mouse that is incredibly precise and has the ability to go to a low enough DPI is crucial.

Most gaming mice will have this feature, but not all older mice will.

We’ve made a guide on the best mice and keyboards for Fortnite, so check that out if you believe your mouse might be holding you back.

Those are some of the ways to improve your aim in Fortnite!

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