AFK Arena – Spring Spree Event & How To Get Heart’s Desires Guide

AFK Arena – Spring Spree Event & How To Get Heart’s Desires Guide

A new event has hit AFK Arena, the Spring Spree, which runs from the 8th of February to the 21st of February.

In the event, you can earn useful rewards, including copies of heroes as well as a Talene skin.

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By taking advantage of this event, you can bring strong heroes like Talene, Ezizh, and Rosaline to higher ascension levels by purchasing copies of them.

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Spring Spree and its events

The Spring Spree event is a collection of smaller events in AFK Arena running from the 8th to the 21st of February.

In these smaller events, you can earn Heart’s Desires, an event currency you can exchange for heroes, resources, and an exclusive skin.

Here is an overview of the different smaller events you’ll find in the Spring Spree.

Fiery Days

Fiery Days is a login-event running throughout the Spring Spree event.

Every single day you can claim rewards from the Fiery Days event.

The rewards are very useful and include both Heart’s Desires and Diamonds, so be sure to log in daily to get each day’s rewards.

Here are each day’s rewards.

  • Day 1: 20 Heart’s Desires
  • Day 2: 10,000 Hero Coins
  • Day 3: 20 Heart’s Desires
  • Day 4: 10,000 Hero Coins
  • Day 5: 20 Heart’s Desires
  • Day 6: 888 Diamonds
  • Day 7: 20 Heart’s Desires

Phoenix’s Calling

Phoenix’s Calling is a PvP event that rewards you depending on your rank in the Legends Challenger Tournament.

For players who haven’t unlocked the Legends Challenger Tournament yet, you will receive basic rewards daily in your mailbox.

These rewards include Diamonds and Gold.

If you have unlocked the Legends Challenger Tournament, then you can earn Phoenix Flowers by participating in it.

The number of flowers you earn depends on your current rank in the tournament, which is recorded daily throughout the duration of the Spring Spree event.

Phoenix Flowers

The Phoenix Flowers that you earn in the Legends Challenger Tournament can be used in the Phoenix Flower event.

The Phoenix Flower event ranks players on your server based on how many Phoenix Flowers they have been sent.

You can send Phoenix Flowers to players, if you have any, by visiting their player page.

There are four rewards you can earn from the Phoenix Flowers event.

The reward you get depends on the number of flowers you receive.

  • Receive a minimum of 80 flowers = Frame 1
  • Top 20% most flowers received on your server = Frame 2
  • Top 500 most flowers received on your server = Frame 3
  • Top 30 most flowers received on your server = Frame 4

Here you can see the different frames you can earn in the Phoenix Flowers event.

AFK Arena Phoenix Flowers Frames

Field of Ice

The Field of Ice is a new map in the Voyage of Wonders introduced in the Spring Spree event.

This map is a big puzzle, which features puzzles to solve, enemies to fight, and chests to discover.

Some of these chests contain the new event item, Heart’s Desires.

Rising Phoenix

The Rising Phoenix is the exchange shop in the Spring Spree event.

Here you can purchase the new Talene skin for real money or by spending Heart’s Desires under ‘Exchange’.

There are also other useful things to purchase with your Heart’s Desires, including heroes.

Here is a list of everything you can exchange for in the Rising Phoenix event.

  • Talene – Phoenix’s Vow Skin: 200 Heart’s Desires (Limit 1)
  • 9x Rare Factional Hero Choice Chests: 40 Heart’s Desires (Limit 5)
  • Elite Ezizh: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 4)
  • Elite Mezoth: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 4)
  • Elite Athalia: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 4)
  • Elite Talene: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 4)
  • Elite Wu Kong: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Rosaline: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Rigby: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Tidus: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Skriath: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Tasi: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Lorsan: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Grezhul: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • Elite Silas: 300 Heart’s Desires (Limit 2)
  • 40,000 Gold: 1 Heart’s Desires (Limit 999)

You can also collect rewards from the ‘Notes’ tab on the event page.

How to get Heart’s Desires

Heart’s Desires are the event currency of the Spring Spree event.

You can use it in the exchange shop of the event, called Rising Phoenix.

As you can exchange Heart’s Desires for useful resources like heroes in the exchange shop, they are very valuable.

There are several ways to get Heart’s Desires in the Spring Spree event.

Firstly, you can get Heart’s Desires by claiming the login rewards from the Fiery Days events, which gives daily rewards for 7 days.

If you redeem all seven days, you will get a total of 80 Heart’s Desires.

Secondly, you can get Heart’s Desires by finding and collecting chests in the new Voyage of Wonders map, Field of Ice.

Thirdly, you can get Heart’s Desires by completing daily quests.

Throughout the duration of the Spring Spree event, all daily quest chests contain 4 Heart’s Desires.

Lastly, you can get Heart’s Desires from event packs, which costs money.

What to exchange Heart’s Desires for in Rising Phoenix

With a limited number of Heart’s Desires to obtain through the duration of Spring Spree, it’s important to spend them wisely.

If you want to spend them as optimally as possible, then you shouldn’t buy the Talene skin.

However, if you want the skin, this is a good opportunity to obtain it.

Here are the best things you can spend your Heart’s Desires on in the exchange shop.

  • Emblem chests
  • Elite Heroes: Specifically Talene or Ezizh
  • Gold Coins
  • Rare Factional Hero Choice Chests

That’s the guide on the Spring Spree event in AFK Arena!

If you have any input for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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