All Map Changes In Season 8 Fortnite

All Map Changes In Season 8 Fortnite

New season new map

Whenever there is a new season out, the map changes. That’s at least how it’s been in the last couple of seasons. In season 8, it’s no different, tons of map changes have already hit the servers on day 1. This post covers every map change that has been introduced in season 8 so far, and will continuously be kept updated whenever new changes are made to the map.

Season 8 map changes

The main map change that has happened in Fortnite season 8, is the new area in the top right of the map. Here, Wailing Woods, Lazy Links, Tomato Temple, and The Block has been replaced with a fiery volcano, a temple city, and a beautiful lagoon with a pirate ship and base. On top of all of this, a giant jungle has emerged surrounding all of these new locations. The Block which was previously located in the top right corner has been moved above and a little to the right of Pleasant Park. You can see the new season 8 minimap here

Fortnite season 8 map

Sunny Steps

Sunny Steps is a new city which has emerged with the map changes introduced in season 8. This city is located in the top right corner of the map, at the edge of what used to be Wailing Woods. Sunny Steps stands at the bottom of the Fiery Volcano. Here you’ll find giant pyramids, temples, and other structures inspired by ancient mayan civilization. Here are some screenshots of the brand new city

Fortnite sunny steps screenshot
Temples in Sunny Steps Fortnite season 8
Structures in Sunny Steps Fornite screenshot season 8

Lazy Lagoon

Lazy Lagoon is a beautiful lagoon which has appeared where Lazy Links used to be. You’ll find this lagoon within the newly grown vast jungle to the left of the new fiery volcano. A giant pirate ship is sitting in the middle of the lagoon, next to a pirate base. Here are some screenshots of the new Lazy Lagoon

Fortnite Lazy Lagoon screenshot
Island in Lazy Lagoon Fortnite season 8
Pirate ship and pirate base at Lazy Lagoon Fortnite season 8

Volcano & Lava Stream

Even though this new area doesn’t have a name on the map, it is still a very prominent new location in Fortnite season 8. This giant volcano has flowing lava coming out of it. The volcano is also the reason why volcano vents have appeared around surrounding this area. Besides using volcano vents for mobility, lava can also be used for a minor boost in jump speed and height. Here are some screenshots of the new volcano and the lava stream

Fortnite Fiery Volcano screenshot
Lava at volcano in Fortnite season 8
City on volcano in Fortnite season 8

Volcano Vents

A new addition to the Fortnite map in season 8, is volcano vents. These vents appear in the area surrounding the giant fiery volcano. If you walk into a vent, your character will enjoy a swift boost upwards allowing you to redeploy your glider. You can even glide into a vent while gliding and you will be boosted in the air, extending your glide. Volcano Vents look like this in-game

Volcano vent in new fortnite map season 8

Screenshots of the new map

Besides the previously mentioned locations, there are other smaller areas that have appeared within the jungle. Here are some screenshots of the new map changes

Hot spring pools at the volcano in Fortnite season 8
Jungle at Lazy Lagoon Fortnite season 8
Pirate base at Lazy Lagoon Fortnite season 8
Giant face in the jungle fortnite season 8
New Jungle in Fortnite season 8

Snobby Shores Viking buildings

On the 12th of March, one of the houses in Snobby Shores turned into a Viking house. This could be a hint towards what the future of season 8 or even season 9 will bring. The new viking house at Snobby Shores looks like the following

Viking building at Snobby Shores fortnite season 8

Loot Lake

Loot Lake received quite a makeover later on in season 8 of Fortnite. The middle of the location was replaced with some kind of metallic structure that seems to be connected with machines. Different vehicles and structures also appeared in the new crater at Loot lake.

New metal structure in Loot Lake Fortnite season 8

Retail Row

Some changes have occurred in Retail Row during season 8. Next to the tomato head restaurant, you will now find the Durrr Burger restaurant from Greasy Grove. It is not identical but is very similar. This is what it looks like

Durrr Burger restaurant in Retail Row Fortnite season 8


A couple of basements through the Fortnite island has been updated in season 8. An example of this is the house farthest away from The Block in Retail Row. This is what its basement now looks like.

New Basements in Fortnite screenshot season 8

Tilted Towers

The classic building in Tilted Towers that has been destroyed and rebuilt over and over, has changed quite a lot throughout season 8. Towards the end, the building ending up being a headquarters for No Sweat Insurance. The building looks like this

No sweat insurance building in Tilted Towers Fortnite season 8

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