Best Mouse, Keyboard, And Monitor For Fortnite

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Upgrading your setup can help you improve your skills in Fortnite and other games.

Whatever setup you have is not the main factor in how well you perform, but there are definite benefits to having a better mouse, keyboard, and monitor when it comes to Fortnite.


In this guide, we give you the best mouse, keyboard, and monitor to use in Fortnite.

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Best mouse for Fortnite

Having a mouse with buttons can be a great advantage.

Some players find it easier to spread their building hotkeys between keys on their left hand and buttons on their right hand.

Most new gaming mouses come with these buttons.

The mouse you choose should also have high precision, and the ability to set it to a low DPI.

Most gaming mouses have these features and are optimized for gaming, so going for one of these should be a safe choice.

Here are some examples of a great mouse to use in Fortnite.

1. Ultralight Pro Mouse – An extremely light, precise mouse used by many pros and streamers including Ninja and Tfue

2. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury FPS Gaming Mouse – Great gaming mouse with several buttons and customization

3. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Widely used gaming mouse by Razor

Best keyboard for Fortnite

There are two major factors when it comes to keyboards for Fortnite.

Whether it is mechanical or not, and the size of it. If you’ve never experienced a mechanical keyboard, it is a world of difference.

Keys are engineered to be much easier to press down, and down have to be pressed down as much.

For this reason, many players report being able to type and act quicker with a mechanical keyboard.

Depending on the size of your hand, having a keyboard a bit smaller than most can help you.

This is because you need to use so many keys in Fortnite, that it can be difficult to reach them all without lifting your hand.

By having a smaller keyboard, this can be done easier and will take up less of your desk space.

Here are a couple of great keyboards to use in Fortnite.

1. Akko X Ducky One 2 – Mini RGB – A great mechanical keyboard of a smaller size used by players such as Tfue

2. Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire – Popular mechanical keyboard used by several streamers including Ninja

3. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Another contestant for the best keyboard to use in Fortnite with its smaller size and sleek design.

Best monitor for Fortnite

When choosing which monitor to purchase for playing Fortnite, there are two main things to look out for, refresh rate and size.

Refresh rate is measured in Hz, and describe how fast frames can be produced by the screen per second.

And as you might know, the more frames, or FPS you have in a game, the more smooth the gameplay will be.

Almost every pro Fortnite player and streamer uses a monitor that has at least 144 Hz.

However, if your PC can’t run the game at higher than let’s say 60 FPS, having 144 Hz on your monitor won’t make any difference, as the screen will just produce 60 frames per second and not the 144 frames per second.

Secondly, the size of your monitor comes down to personal preference.

However, most players use a monitor that is either 24 inches, 25, inches, or 27 inches.

The following 3 monitors are a solid choice for using when playing Fortnite.

1. BenQ Zowie XL2411P – One of the best 144 Hz monitors at its given price, which is significantly more affordable than the next two. This monitor is 24 inches.

2. Alienware AW2518H Gaming Monitor – High end 25-inch gaming monitor with 240 Hz used by players including Ninja and 72hrs

3. ASUS VG248QE – Great monitor for playing Fortnite with up to 144 Hz on a 24-inch display.

That’s the best mice, keyboards, and monitors to use when playing Fortnite!

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