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Best Teams Composition – Mobile Legends: Adventure

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Building a great team in Mobile Legends: Adventure is crucial, especially if you want to progress through the campaign effenciently or compete agaisnt top players in the Arena. There are several things to consider when putting together a team. In this guide, we cover the most important factors we believe you should keep in mind when creating your team. Furthermore, we present a couple of examples of great teams made by top players in ML: Adventure.

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Team building

We believe these are the main things to consider when choosing which heroes to put on your team. Firstly, roles and positions on your team. The optimal team contains at least one tank, one support, and one damage dealer. Generally, the tank stands on the frontline and the support on the backline. Depending on your setup, you might want to have two heroes on the frontline. Furthermore, some heroes are simply more powerful than others filling the exact role. Therefore, we recommend you follow a tier list to get an idea of each hero’s strength. You shouldn’t, however, build your team 100% based on a tier list. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the Power Resonance system in ML: Adventure. Other idle RPG mobile games have similiar systems, often called faction advantages. In short, Power Resonance is a series of team structures that buff your entire team. We believe the Fuse (+8% HP, +12% Magic Power, +12% Physical ATK) structure is the best one to go for at the moment. To receive this buff, your team needs to consist of 5 heroes, all with a different power (faction). The last aspect to keep in mind, is synergy.

Best team examples

Here are some examples of great teams put together by top players in the game. Notice, all of these teams except one utilize the Fuse Power Resonance, and all contains at least one tank, one support, and one damage-dealer.


Team: Gatotkaca, Clint, Alice, Angela, Estes

Valla team Mobile Legends Adventure


Team: Zilong, Saber, Odette, Alice, Estes

Umi team Mobile Legends Adventure

Valou’s Legacy

Team: Hylos, Gatotkaca, Bruno, Clint, Alice

Valou's Legacy team Mobile Legends Adventure


Team: Hylos, Lancelot, Clint, Estes, Gord

Coralfang team Mobile Legends Adventure

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