Bow Land Game Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Bow Land Game Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Bow Land is an action mobile game by Huuuge Games in which you test your skills in worlds full of monsters and bosses.

Throughout your adventures, you’ll be collecting powerups, which will help you in your current battle.

Furthermore, you will obtain various gear, unlock perks, and more that’ll improve the power of your hero.

Bow Land is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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Game introduction

In Bow Land, you control your character by using the joystick to move around.

When you stop moving, your character will automatically use its attack towards the closest enemy.

Even though the controls are simple, beating levels is no easy task as you progress through the game.

As enemies become stronger, you need to be more cautious as to not lose too much health too quickly – regaining health is not always easy.

The game features several worlds with multiple levels, unique mobs, and bosses for you to explore.

Furthermore, you can unlock different heroes, all with unique attributes.

In this guide, we give you tips and tricks to improve your chances of beating tough levels in the game.

All heroes list

There are several heroes for you to unlock in Bow Land, all with a unique ability and design.

To select another hero, press the hero tab in the bottom menu, the one indicated by a crossbow icon, and press the ‘Select Hero’ button.

Here you can select between all the heroes in the game you’ve unlocked.

If you have yet to unlock a hero, you can unlock it by purchasing with gems and sometimes by completing certain events.

Here is the list of all heroes in the game and their ability.

  • Robin. Ability: Healer – Gains +20% heal boost.
  • Bonny. Ability: Looter – Hitting minions make them bleed coins.
  • Orius. Ability: Staff Charge – Charges staff with energy that blasts enemies nearby.
  • Xavi. Ability: Combo – Every 4th crossbow shot in a row does double damage.
  • Stella. Ability: Star Power – Stella has 5 orbiting stars that explode to inflict heavy damage.

Robin and Bonny are both great for utility, while the remaining heroes all deal more damage throughout battle.

As all heroes are strong in their own aspects, you should unlock the heroes whose playstyle suits your favorite type of weapon first.

If you like using crossbows the most, then you should aim to unlock Xavi as your first hero besides the default, Robin.

How to unlock new worlds

Bow Land is divided into several worlds consisting of multiple levels in each world.

Each level features a variety of mobs and bosses for you to beat.

The farther into the game you progress, the longer each level will be, and the more powerful the mobs and bosses will be.

To unlock a new world, you have to complete all the levels within the world you’re currently in.

You can see how many levels are in the currently selected world before you press ‘Play’ on the main menu page.

When you’ve completed a level, a tick symbol will be displayed on it to indicate you’ve beat it.

If you wish to, you can replay an earlier level by selecting at the top of the main menu.

Best powerups

Powerups play a major role in the game and will significantly increase your chances of beating a level.

Powerups are not kept after a level, which means you’ll start with no powerups when you start a level, and that your character will start at level 1 again when you press play.

Every time your character levels up within a level, you can select one of three random powerups that will last till you beat the current level or you fail.

To level up your character within a level, you need to defeat mobs and bosses to earn exp.

Therefore, you should not skip mobs even if it’s possible, as getting the extra exp will help you against stronger mobs in the level and the bosses.

To maximize your damage output, we’ve found it most efficient to not go for a variety of powerups, not only the exact same one.

With that being said, you should focus on the following powerups as they yield the highest damage increase.

  • Multishot
  • Extra damage
  • Attack speed boost
  • Front shot
  • Diagonal shots

These are the best powerups against bosses.

If you need help against mobs, go for splitting beam and headshot.

Against some bosses and mobs, it can also be useful to have one haste boost.

Lastly, if you find yourself really low on health, consider going for the health boost if you find one.

Keep your distance

The single best way to minimize incoming damage is by keeping your distance from mobs and bosses.

Mobs who have melee attacks will follow you till you take them out, so kite them around by attacking, moving, attacking, and so on.

Mobs with ranged attacks fire projectiles towards your location, so being farther away from them gives you more time to dodge them.

The only situation where being close to the enemy makes sense is if your current powerup setup or weapon deals more damage the closer you are, and you need to burst the enemy.

Other than that, we recommend you keep your distance as much as possible.

Always be on the move

If you want to improve your gameplay in Bow Land, you should get used to moving around constantly.

Constantly moving around ensures that you can quickly react to enemy attacks and that melee mobs will have a hard time catching you.

As you need to stand still to attack, you need to constantly stop up quickly, which will trigger an attack, and then keep moving.

Later on in this game, as you’ll face more and tougher attacks, being able to kite efficiently is essential.

Collect and upgrade gear

As gear plays a major role in Bow Land, you should try to get your hands on powerful pieces.

Not only do they increase the stats of your character, which will help you in battle, but they also allow you to use other abilities.

At the beginning of any level, you’ll meet the wizard who’ll give you a choice between two base abilities/attacks that you’ll use for the remainder of the level.

The two base abilities/attacks you roll depends on what weapon your character is wearing.

For example, if you are currently equipped with a staff, you’ll roll two magical abilities.

If you’re wearing a crossbow, you’ll get to choose between two ranged attacks.

Because of this mechanic, you should try out different weapons to find out what ability or attack suits your playstyle.

To further increase the stat boosts from your gear, you can upgrade it.

To upgrade a piece of gear, head to the Hero tab on the main menu page, click a piece of gear, and click upgrade.

Upgrading gear costs both copies of the same piece of gear and gold.

You get gear by completing levels, opening chests, and events.

That’s all our tips and tricks for Bow Land!

If you have any input for this guide, you can share them with us in the comment section below.

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