Bubble Gum Simulator (Roblox) – Codes List (September 2022) & How To Redeem Codes

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You are currently viewing Bubble Gum Simulator (Roblox) – Codes List (September 2022) & How To Redeem Codes

Bubble Gum Simulator is a Roblox game by Rumble Studios in which you blow bubble gum to earn coins, raise pets, and more!

By redeeming codes, you get various items in the game, which can help you progress faster or become stronger.

In this post, you will find a full list of all current active codes for Bubble Gum Simulator and a guide on how to redeem codes in the game.

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We update this post frequently to make sure it’s up to date. Therefore, we recommend coming back once in a while to make sure you don’t miss out on new active codes.

Here are the currently active codes in Bubble Gum Simulator, as well as the rewards from each code.

Updated as of the 21st of September 2021: Codes checked.

Glitch2x Luck Buff
Update752x Hatch Speed Buff
Easter212x Luck Buff
Update742x Hatch Speed Buff
Luckiest2x Luck Buff
Update732x Hatch Speed Buff
StPatrickLuck2x Luck Buff
Update722x Hatch Speed Buff
BlizzyrdBest2x Luck Buff
SylentlyBest2x Hatch Speed Buff
hiddenvideocode2x Luck Buff
Update712x Luck Buff
Valentine2x Hatch Speed Buff
LuckyCode2x Luck Buff
RumbleStream2x Hatch Speed Buff
BlizzyWizzy2x Luck Buff
BGSStream2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update702x Luck Buff
Royalty2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update682x Luck Buff
20202x Hatch Speed Buff
SANTACLAUS2x Hatch Speed Buff
JollyChristmas22x Hatch Speed Buff
JollyChristmas2x Luck Buff
ChristmasPart22x Hatch Speed Buff
Update672x Luck Buff
Christmas20202x Hatch Speed Buff
EpicSecretCode2x Luck Buff
BGSXMAS2x Hatch Speed Buff
Jonathan2x Luck Buff
KingSlimeGang2x Luck Buff
KingMushGang2x Hatch Speed Buff
ChristmasHype2x Luck Buff
HappyHolidays2x Hatch Speed Buff
RUDOLPH2x Luck Buff
StreamLuck2x Luck Buff
CANDYCANE2x Hatch Speed Buff
StreamSpeed2x Hatch Speed Buff
ShinyStream3x Shiny Chance Buff
MythicStream3x Mythic Chance Buff
SecretVideoCode2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update652x Luck Buff
Split2x Hatch Speed Buff
SylentlyOP2x Luck Buff
FreeSpeedBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
YouTubeLuck2x Luck Buff
BlizzyrdOP2x Hatch Speed Buff
SuperSecretCode2x Luck Buff
YouTubeSpeed2x Hatch Speed Buff
SpookyCode2x Luck Buff
300k2x Luck Buff
Youtube2x Hatch Speed Buff
Ghosts2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update642x Luck Buff
Costume2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update632x Luck Buff
SpookyHalloween2x Hatch Speed Buff
AutumnSale2x Luck Buff
Update612x Luck Buff
Update602x Luck Buff
Update592x Luck Buff
Update582x Luck Buff
Update572x Luck Buff
MegaLuckBoost2x Luck Buff
Update552x Luck Buff
Update542x Luck Buff
Update532x Luck Buff
Update522x Luck Buff
AutumnSale22x Hatch Speed Buff
Autumn2x Hatch Speed Buff
Citrus2x Hatch Speed Buff
Vacation2x Hatch Speed Buff
Carnival22x Hatch Speed Buff
Carnival2x Hatch Speed Buff
MegaSpeedBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
SuperSale2x Hatch Speed Buff
Shadow2x Hatch Speed Buff
Meteor2x Hatch Speed Buff
Vine2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update512x Luck Buff
Spring2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update502x Luck Buff
Mythic2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update492x Luck Buff
Merchant2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update482x Hatch Speed Buff
Season 82x Luck Buff
Update472x Hatch Speed Buff
Eeaster20202x Luck Buff
Update462x Hatch Speed Buff
Mushroom2x Luck Buff
Update452x Hatch Speed Buff
Mystic2x Luck Buff
Season72x Hatch Speed Buff
NewEgg2x Luck Buff
Challenges2x Hatch Speed Buff
Galactic2x Luck Buff
Portal2x Luck Buff
LuckyDay22x Hatch Speed Buff
FreeSpeed2x Hatch Speed Buff
MegaSale2x Luck Buff
600M2x Luck Buff
600MBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
Valentines2x Luck Buff
Cupid2x Hatch Speed Buff
sircfennerNoob2x Luck Buff
Part22x Hatch Speed Buff
Clown2x Luck Buff
Circus2x Hatch Speed Buff
ChristmasBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
HammieIsBadAtRocketLeague2x Luck Buff
FreeHatchSpeed2x Hatch Speed Buff
Season32x Luck Buff
Halloween2x Luck Buff
TrickOrTreat2x Hatch Speed Buff
Pass2x Hatch Speed Buff
Secrets3x Shiny Chance Buff
BubblePass2x Luck Buff
Fancy3x Shiny Chance Buff
Fancy22x Luck Buff
ReallyFancy2x Hatch Speed Buff
2hourluck2x Luck Buff
July4th2x Luck Buff
UncleSam3x Shiny Chance Buff
Fireworks2x Hatch Speed Buff
Summer2x Hatch Speed Buff
Colorful3x Shiny Chance Buff
NewWorld2x Luck Buff
Kraken2x Luck Buff
400m2x Hatch Speed Buff
Thanks3x Shiny Chance Buff
Mythical3x Shiny Chance Buff
Tomcat2x Hatch Speed Buff
AncientTimes3x Shiny Chance Buff
InThePast2x Hatch Speed Buff
Ocean2x Luck Buff
AtlantisHats2x Hatch Speed Buff
SecretLuckCode2x Luck Buff
Bunny2x Hatch Speed Buff
ChocolateEgg3x Shiny Chance Buff
HappyEaster2x Luck Buff
LostCity2x Luck Buff
UnderTheSea2x Luck Buff
Poseidon2x Hatch Speed Buff
Special2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update212x Luck Buff
UltraSpeed2x Hatch Speed Buff
FREE2x Hatch Speed Buff
ThankYou2x Luck Buff
300M2x Hatch Speed Buff
SpeedyBoi2x Hatch Speed Buff
StPatricks2x Luck Buff
BriteJuice2x Luck Buff
SecretCode2x Luck Buff
SpeedBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
sircfenneriscool2x Luck Buff
SuperBeach2x Luck Buff
BeachBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
superspeed2x Hatch Speed Buff
Update162x Luck Buff
LuckyDay2x Luck Buff
FreeBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
SylentlyIsCool2x Hatch Speed Buff
SuperLuck2x Luck Buff
DeeterPlays5,000 Blocks
SuperSecret2x Hatch Speed Buff
SecretBoost2x Hatch Speed Buff
ExtraLuck2x Luck Buff
SecretPetToy Serpent
pinkarmypet5,000 Gems
FreePetTwitter Dominus (Pet)
MoreCandy4,000 Candy
Candy1,000 Candy
BlueCrew5,000 Gems
Twiisted5,000 Gems
Santa2,000 Candy Canes
Sylently10,000 Candy Canes
Christmas5,000 Candy Canes
CandyCanes100 Candy Canes
SuperCoins1,000 Coins
SuperGems100 Gems
SpottedSpotted Egg
FreeCoins150 Coins
LotsOfGems25 Gems
FreeEggSpotted Egg
TwitterReleaseTwitter Doggy (Pet)
SircfennerSpotted Egg
Tofuu5,000 Coins
ObscureEntity500 Coins
Minime2,500 Coins

If you wish to help us improve this Bubble Gum Simulator codes list, please let us know in the comment section if you find that a listed code has expired or if you’ve found a new active code.

Table of contents

Bubble Gum Simulator codes

Bubble Gum Simulator is a game, also known as an experience, in Roblox.

Like many other Roblox games, Bubble Gum Simulator features a code redemption system, which allows players to redeem codes in the game.

Redeeming these codes often boost your rate of progress in the game by giving you useful items.

Make sure to type in codes with the same capitalization as shown in the list below or table above to make sure they work properly.

If you don’t get any rewards when trying to redeem a code in the game, and the code is typed correctly, it means that it has expired.

Codes are usually issued in celebration of new updates, when milestones are reached, or for holidays.

As new codes are released occasionally, we recommend checking this codes list frequently to make sure you’re up to date on the latest codes.

Active Codes

These are all the current active codes that you can redeem in Bubble Gum Simulator.

  • Glitch
  • Update75
  • Easter21
  • Update74
  • Luckiest
  • Update73
  • StPatrickLuck
  • Update72
  • BlizzyrdBest
  • SylentlyBest
  • hiddenvideocode
  • Update71
  • Valentine
  • LuckyCode
  • RumbleStream
  • BlizzyWizzy
  • BGSStream
  • Update70
  • Royalty
  • Update68
  • 2020
  • JollyChristmas2
  • JollyChristmas
  • ChristmasPart2
  • Update67
  • Christmas2020
  • EpicSecretCode
  • Jonathan
  • KingSlimeGang
  • KingMushGang
  • ChristmasHype
  • HappyHolidays
  • StreamLuck
  • StreamSpeed
  • ShinyStream
  • MythicStream
  • SecretVideoCode
  • Update65
  • Split
  • SylentlyOP
  • FreeSpeedBoost
  • YouTubeLuck
  • BlizzyrdOP
  • SuperSecretCode
  • YouTubeSpeed
  • SpookyCode
  • 300k
  • Youtube
  • Ghosts
  • Update64
  • Costume
  • Update63
  • SpookyHalloween
  • AutumnSale
  • Update61
  • Update60
  • Update59
  • Update58
  • Update57
  • MegaLuckBoost
  • Update55
  • Update54
  • Update53
  • Update52
  • AutumnSale2
  • Autumn
  • Citrus
  • Vacation
  • Carnival2
  • Carnival
  • MegaSpeedBoost
  • SuperSale
  • Shadow
  • Meteor
  • Vine
  • Update51
  • Spring
  • Update50
  • Mythic
  • Update49
  • Merchant
  • Update48
  • Season 8
  • Update47
  • Eeaster2020
  • Update46
  • Mushroom
  • Update45
  • Mystic
  • Season7
  • NewEgg
  • Challenges
  • Galactic
  • Portal
  • LuckyDay2
  • FreeSpeed
  • MegaSale
  • 600M
  • 600MBoost
  • Valentines
  • Cupid
  • sircfennerNoob
  • Part2
  • Clown
  • Circus
  • ChristmasBoost
  • HammieIsBadAtRocketLeague
  • FreeHatchSpeed
  • Season3
  • Halloween
  • TrickOrTreat
  • Pass
  • Secrets
  • BubblePass
  • Fancy
  • Fancy2
  • ReallyFancy
  • 2hourluck
  • July4th
  • UncleSam
  • Fireworks
  • Summer
  • Colorful
  • NewWorld
  • Kraken
  • 400m
  • Thanks
  • Mythical
  • Tomcat
  • AncientTimes
  • InThePast
  • Ocean
  • AtlantisHats
  • SecretLuckCode
  • Bunny
  • ChocolateEgg
  • HappyEaster
  • LostCity
  • UnderTheSea
  • Poseidon
  • Special
  • Update21
  • UltraSpeed
  • FREE
  • ThankYou
  • 300M
  • SpeedyBoi
  • StPatricks
  • BriteJuice
  • SecretCode
  • SpeedBoost
  • sircfenneriscool
  • SuperBeach
  • BeachBoost
  • superspeed
  • Update16
  • LuckyDay
  • FreeBoost
  • SylentlyIsCool
  • SuperLuck
  • DeeterPlays
  • SuperSecret
  • SecretBoost
  • ExtraLuck
  • SecretPet
  • pinkarmypet
  • FreePet
  • MoreCandy
  • Candy
  • BlueCrew
  • Twiisted
  • Santa
  • Sylently
  • Christmas
  • CandyCanes
  • SuperCoins
  • SuperGems
  • Spotted
  • FreeCoins
  • LotsOfGems
  • FreeEgg
  • TwitterRelease
  • Sircfenner
  • Tofuu
  • ObscureEntity
  • Minime

Expired Codes

These codes have previously worked but have now expired.

  • FreeDominusPet
  • Golemite
  • TwitchRelease

How to redeem codes in Bubble Gum Simulator

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to redeem codes in Bubble Gum Simulator in Roblox.

  1. Open up Bubble Gum Simulator from the Roblox website or app.
  2. Click the blue ‘Codes’ button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Type in an active Bubble Gum Simulator code in the ‘Code Here’ field.
  4. Click the green ‘Enter’ button, and you’ll receive the contents of the code.

Check out the previous paragraph of this guide for active Bubble Gum Simulator codes.

What are Bubble Gum Simulator codes?

Bubble Gum Simulator codes are special codes issued by the developers of the game for players to redeem.

When players redeem codes, they receive a reward in the game set by the developer.

Often, these codes help players become stronger in the game or give them a boost.

Developers usually issue codes to celebrate something related to their game or a holiday.

Bubble Gum Simulator codes expire after a while, so be sure to claim them while they’re still active.

Codes can be announced on different platforms, including the social media of the developer or developers, on the Bubble Gum Simulator game page on the Roblox website, or in the game itself.

To help players find all active Bubble Gum Simulator promo codes easily, we’ve created this guide, which gives you all the active codes in one place.

Those are all the currently active codes for Bubble Gum Simulator!

Find any new codes or notice one that we’ve listed has expired? Let us know in the comment section below!

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