Daily Missions Guide – Maplestory 2

Daily Missions Guide – Maplestory 2

Completing daily missions is very beneficial to your character. Many useful items and experience are rewarded from doing them. This guide will explain all the different aspects of daily missions. The folllowing will be covered

What are daily missions

Daily missions are daily tasks assigned to you every single day once your character hits level 50. These missions are often quite fast to complete and give you a range of different rewards. 18 daily missions are assigned to your character daily, 3 missions in each of the 6 categories.

  • Level Up
  • Seize the Day
  • Be Fabulous
  • Toughen Up
  • Get Rich
  • Hoard Things

These categories all have their own set of missions and mission reward boxes.

You can do daily missions on multiple characters each day, as daily missions are bound to each character, not the entire account.

How to do daily missions

Once you’ve reached level 50, a new tab called “Daily Missions” will appear in your globe navigator in the bottom right of your screen. Open this up and you will be able to see all your daily missions by navigation through the different categories. Most missions are pretty intuitive and even let you click on the map name showing you exactly where to go.

Daily missions tab maplestory 2

Once a mission has been completed, open up the daily missions tab again and press the tick on the right side in order to receive your reward.

Daily missions rewards

Daily missions reward you with different items when completed including mission boxes. Depending on which category the daily mission belongs to, you will receive a different box.

  • Level Up Mission Box contains experience potions and experience boosters, which helps you when leveling.
  • Social Mission Box contains vouchers for different activities & performances and music related items.
  • Special Mission Box contains vouchers and other items related to cosmetics, decorating and customization.
  • Power Mission Box contains gemstone boxes and pet-related items
  • Meso Mission Box contains meso pouches of varying amounts. Meso pouches contain 1,000 to 500,000 mesos each.
  • Material Mission Box contains onyx crystals, crystal fragments, and rue.
mission boxes maplestory 2

Besides these category-dependant boxes, all daily missions award you with experience and 30 mission points. Mission points are especially important because you unlock a Gold Mission Complete Box once you gather enough missions points.

Gold Mission Complete Boxes come in three different tiers (tier 1-3). You can unlock these three boxes once per week per character. The tier 1 box requires 300 missions points, tier 2 requires 600 and tier 3 requires 900.

These boxes contain a bunch of onyx crystal, blue star, metacell, and chaos onyx crystal. Therefore, you should aim to unlock all three boxes weekly.

gold mission complete boxes maplestory 2

Importance of doing daily missions

Why should you be doing daily missions? Because they are an excellent way of improving your character’s power. Especially the onyx crystal and chaos onyx crystal from Gold Mission Complete Boxes will help you when it comes to enchanting your items. Therefore, we recommend that you gather 900 mission points each week to unlock all 3 golden boxes.

The Get Rich category and its meso boxes is an easy and reliable way of making some extra meso. It is not dependant on market factors and still give a decent amount of mesos given the time it takes to complete them.

Daily missions reset time

Daily missions reset every day at 12 AM server time. This means that the reset time is different depending on which server you are on. The easiest way to find out when reset time is for your server, is simply by looking in the top left corner of your game. The clock displays the server time and when that hits 00:00, reset occurs.

All daily missions

This is a list of all daily missions with links to guides on those we’ve covered so far.

Level Up

• Attack enemies by releasing snakes, which can be found in Nazkar Main Hall
• Attack enemies using ruined rainbow trees, which can be found in Forest of Lost Memories
• Attack enemies using a barracks, which can be found in Redsand Hills
• Attack enemies using a fire jar, which can be found in Moonlight Desert
• Attack enemies using bottle crates, which can be found in Cellimental Test Bunker
• Attack enemies using burning drums, which can be found in Kerning Junkyard
• Attack enemies using chicken coops, which can be found in Precipice Fortress
• Attack enemies using Dynamite Carts, which can be found in Stone Quarry
• Attack enemies using EMP Bombs, which can be found in MSL Factory
• Attack enemies using Gas Tanks, which can be found in Kerning Junkyard
• Attack enemies using igloos, which can be found in Igloo Hill
• Attack enemies using poison bags, which can be found in West Wind Hill
• Attack enemies using public showers, which can be found in Verdant Heights
• Attack enemies using rainbow trees, which can be found in West Wind Hill
• Attack enemies using rolling mine carts, which can be found in Paruvan Plateau
• Attack enemies using stoplights, which can be found in Barrota Port
• Attack enemies using eggs, which can be found in Overtop Beanstalk
• Attack enemies using thorny vines, which can be found in Tiares Desert
• Attack enemies using trash cans, which can be found in Flora Avenue
• Attack enemies using a streetlight, which can be found in The Deck Skatepark
• Participate in MC Kay’s event
• Complete any Mini-game M, and claim your reward

Seize the Day

• Use Greet or Bow on someone in Queenstown
• Enter Crazy Runners M
• Visit Ellinia
• Catch fish in salt water while in a party
• Play games on the Battle Arcade Machine in any player’s home
• Sit in Queenstown and do some people-watching for 30 sec
• Enter Ludibrium Escape M
• Experience the High-tech Treadmill in any player’s home
• Cook with Standard Gas Stove in any player’s house
• Experience the Princess Swing in any player’s home
• Sit in Tria and do some people-watching for 30 sec
• Sit and relax at Troy Inn for 1 minute
• Sit and relax at Mon Petit Chouchou Hotel for 1 minute
• Examine the Showcase Refrigerator in any player’s home
• Examine the Red Mini Fridge in any player’s home
• Use the Like emote at passerby in Tria
• Use the Greet emote in Taliskar
• Use the Like emote at passerby in Lith Harbor
• Visit Alikar

Be Fabulous

• Jump 50 times in Lith Harbor
• Use the safe inside your home once
• Consume packs of Combat Rations
• Consume Fairy Dews
• Use Greet on passerby in Queenstown while in a party
• Enjoy the scenery of Crooked Canyon through binoculars
• Crawl 30 m
• Enjoy the scenery of Tria through binoculars
• Visit a pocket realm
• Hit a tree 20 times
• Get attacked by a Teraspring Farm seedling at the Maple Arcade
• Enjoy the scenery of West Auto Bridge through binoculars
• Consume packs of Dubi Gummies
• Travel 200 m on a mount
• Use Greet on passerby in Lith Harbor while in a party
• Enjoy the scenery of Evansville through binoculars
• Visit a beauty salon, a dye workshop, or a plastic surgery office
• Enjoy the scenery of Forest of Lost Memories through binoculars

Toughen Up

• Capture Devil pets
• Complete the second test in the normal adventure dungeon Testing Grounds
• Complete the first test in the normal adventure dungeon Testing Grounds
• Complete the normal adventure dungeon Testing Grounds
• Defeat Kana in the normal adventure dungeon Frozen Temple
• Defeat Willy One-card in the normal adventure dungeon Blaknov No. 1
• Defeat Furious Devil Soldier in the normal adventure dungeon Muros Studio
• Capture Plant pets
• Capture Fairfolk pets
• Defeat Forgotten Vayar in the normal adventure dungeon Forgotten Vayar
• Use 3 pets as fusion catalysts
• Defeat Vulcantop in the normal adventure dungeon Coldwind Cave
• Defeat MK 52 Omega in the normal adventure dungeon Tronix Bunker
• Capture a normal pet
• Defeat Kakalp in the normal adventure dungeon Illusory Pyramid

Get Rich

• Attack enemies using pipes, which can be found in Golden Tower 8F
• Attack enemies using Perion houses, which can be found in Windsong Ravine
• Attack enemies using Kerning buses, which can be found in Muros Media Park
• Attack enemies using bombs, which can be found in Ant Tunnel Plaza
• Attack enemies using spring bombs, which can be found in Ludi Arcade
• Attack enemies using Kerning trucks, which can be found in Phantoma Cyborg Center
• Attack enemies using oak barrels, which can be found in Cheliska Bay
• Attack enemies using torches, which can be found in Frostember Void
• Attack enemies using Kerning phone booths, which can be found in Majore Lake Park
• Attack enemies using totems, which can be found in Sand Dunes
• Attack enemies using tires, which can be found in Frostbunny Park
• Attack enemies using totems, which can be found in Hotottot River
• Attack enemies using waste storage drums, which can be found in Barrota Port
• Attack enemies using road signs, which can be found in Barrota Shore
• Attack enemies using portable toilets, which can be found in Breezy Hills
• Attack enemies using telephone poles, which can be found in Woodward
• Defeat Mushmom at Stranger’s House 3 times
• Complete an Allicari Merchant Society daily quest

Hoard Things

• Enter the Twisted Pocket Realm
• Dismantle any item
• Go to another player’s house and harvest items by Ranching
• Defeat enemies in the Melta Dam
• Harvest items from a pig pen in another player’s home
• Defeat Ureus in Nazkar Pyramid
Browse the Shadow Supply Merchant Pepper’s shop
• Defeat Amadon in Ludari Arena
• Mine a copper vein in Evansville or Berg Island
• Defeat enemies in the Gloomy Forest
• Open a golden treasure chest
• Defeat Heartless Baphomet in Frostpeak Mountain

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