Driven by Gen Z, Roblox Digital Fashion Hits New Highs

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Roblox teamed up with Parsons School of Design to launch its 2022 Metaverse Fashion Trends report. With more than 11.5 million creators who have designed over 62 million articles of clothing and accessories, digital fashion has become a key part of Roblox.

Roblox saw a huge increase in global fashion and beauty brands releasing digital fashion designs within the game. These brands include Gucci, Burberry, Carolina Herra, Tommy Hilfiger, NARS, Alo Yoga, Karlie Gloss, and DRESSX.

Gen Z Digital Fashion Purchasing Power

Gen Z is a major driver behind this increased focus on digital fashion. Nearly 3 out of every 4 Gen Z users spend on digital fashion. In a survey conducted by Roblox, the majority of Gen Z who are active on Roblox have customized their avatars. Half of the respondents said they change their clothing at least every other week.

Roblox Digital Fashion Survey Results

The survey all indicated that Gen Z believes that dressing their avatars allows them to express their individuality. It also allows them to feel good about themselves. Half of Gen Z users change their style based on their mood for that particular day and a third change it based on what they are doing in the metaverse.

31% of users spend up to $5 a month, 30% spend $10-$20 a month, and 12% spend $50-$100 a month. Over 25% of users will spend anywhere from $20 to over $100 on a single item.

It comes as no surprise that over 70% of Gen Z dress their avatars similar to how they dress in real life. What is a bit surprising is that 70% also said they get physical style inspiration from their in-game avatars. Interestingly Gen Z respondents consider a digital fashion designer career to be equal to a physical fashion designer.

Gen Z accounts for a quarter of the world’s population and has the purchasing power of hundreds of billions of dollars in the U.S. alone. Expect this digital fashion trend to continue and evolve over time.

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