Fortnite Beginner Guide – 8 Tips For Winning

Fortnite Beginner Guide – 8 Tips For Winning

Fortnite has remained the number one Battle Royale game for over a year now. Despite its amazingly high number of players, there are still new players joining the game every day. However, Fortnite isn’t the most beginner friendly game as there are so many aspects of the game to keep in mind. With this guide, you’ll hopefully be better suited for the world of Fortnite so you can get that victory royale. This guide covers the following topics

Land at a safe location

The first thing you have to think about once you enter a game is where you land. In general, the closer to the middle of the island you are, the more likely it is that there are enemies there. However, there are locations, such as Tilted Towers, Salty Springs, and Retail Row where there always are people landing. There will also always be a lot of people landing at wherever the battle bus starts. Therefore, consider going for a location at the edge of the island, on the opposite side of where the battle bus starts. Do, however, try to find houses or other structures as it is much more likely that you’ll find great loot there. Consider landing at any of the locations below not in the red circle.

Fortnite where to land beginner

Watch the storm

One of the main features of Battle Royale games including Fortnite is some sort of mechanism that forces players together. In Fortnite, it is the storm that takes care of this. In the top right under your minimap, you can see the timer of the storm, and whether it is moving or not. By pressing m to open the minimap, you can see the next safe zone where the storm will not be. Be sure to keep an eye on this, as moving towards the safe zone too late, could result in you dying to the storm. As the game progresses, the storm does more and more damage, so the first stage of the storm only does 1 damage per second. However, towards the end of the game the storm does more than 10 damage per second, so you really don’t want to be caught in it.

Fortnite storm and safe zone on minimap

Go for chests

Golden chests contain some of the best loot in the game, so you should definitely go for them. They are usually located inside buildings, under roofs or hidden behind structures. Besides being able to see their golden glow, you can hear their distinct sound when getting close to them. This makes it a lot easier when locating chests hidden inside structures that has to be destroyed before you can get to the chest.

Fortnite golden chest in Tilted Towers

Play sneaky and be patient

When you start out playing Fortnite, playing sneaky and being patient can be of great advantage. If you simply rush into the middle of battle, chances are you’ll be shot a from all sides. Sitting and waiting for a perfect opportunity, will give you a much better chance of finding a fair fight against someone, or even interfere with an ongoing battle. Doing this, will likely take you futher into the game, and thus increasing your chances of getting a victory royale.

Fortnite camping with a sniper

Choice of weapons

There are a lot of different weapons in Fortnite, so how do you know which ones to take with you? Generally, players prefer to use a shotgun, and an automatic weapon, and then a sniper or an explosive weapon. In the last two slots, you can have utility items such as potions or healing items. Another popular setup is a shotgun, a submachine gun, an assault rifle, a sniper or an explosive weapon, and then potions or a healing item in the last slot. Another tip is to make it a habit to use the same type of weapons in the same slots. For example, always putting your shotgun in slot 1, and snipers in slot 5. This will result in you not having to think about where a specific weapon is stored mid-fight.

Fortnite weapon slots screenshot

Collect materials

Collecting materials is essential in Fortnite as building is such a big element of the game. Even if you aren’t the best at building, just being able to protect yourself by spamming walls is a great defense. Some structures give a lot more materials than others, so be sure to look at how much you get per hit from a particular structure. Trees and wooden pallets give a lot of materials. When farming materials, make sure to hit the blue markers, as they give you double the materials than hitting the structure of any other place. You can improve your building with our building guide.

Fortnite building battle screenshot

Practice in creative mode and playgrounds

As building is such a huge part of the game, practicing your building in creative mode is essential. Here, you’ll be able to get all your basic builds perfected so you can use them with ease mid-fight. You can also use the playground mode to find 1v1’s against random players, which also helps you improve your building. There are also great creative maps where you can train your edit, aim and more. For those not familiar with the creative mode, you can learn about it in our creative mode guide.

Fortnite building wall in build battle screenshot

Change key bindings and mouse sensitivity

Your in-game settings can have a big impact on your perfomance in Fortnite. You can probably get used to pretty much any combination of key bindings, however, there are some that are better than others. For example, you want to be able to utilize multiple fingers for actions made almost at the same time when in a build battle. If you aren’t used to playing FPS games, chances are your sensitivity is higher than optimal. This can have a negative impact on your aim. Therefore, we recommend you check out our key bindings and mouse sensitivty guide.

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