Best weapons tier list Fortnite 2019

Fortnite Best Weapons Tier List 2019

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Golden Heavy Assault Rifle Fortnite
Golden Pump Shotgun Fortnite
Golden Rocket Launcher Fortnite
Golden P90 Submachine Gun
Golden Scar Assault Rifle Fortnite
Golden Quad Launcher Fortnite
Golden Heavy Sniper Rifle Fortnite


Assault Rifle Fortnite
Silenced Sniper Rifle Fortnite
Pump Shotgun Fortnite
Deagle Hand Cannon Fortnite
Hunting Rifle Fortnite
Submachine Gun SMG Fortnite
Silenced Assault Rifle Fortnite


Tactical Shotgun Fortnite
Grenade Launcher Fortnite
Dual Pistols Fortnite
Silenced Submachine Gun SMG Fortnite
Minigun Fortnite
Scoped Assault Rifle Fortnite
Heavy Shotgun Fortnite
Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle Fortnite
Scoped Revolver Fortnite


Pistol Fortnite
Burst Assault Rifle Fortnite
Crossbow Fortnite
Six Shooter Fortnite
Infantry Rifle Fortnite
Suppresed Pistol Fortnite
Semi Auto Sniper Rifle

Optimal weapon combination

Even though weapons can be put into tiers, you should still prioritize going for an optimal combination of weapons. As a general rule of thumb, the best combination is a shotgun, at least one automatic weapon, and a sniper or an explosive weapon. You should also always be carrying utilites such as shields.

Optimal weapon combination in Fortnite screenshot

How are weapons ranked in this list?

This tier list ranks weapons based on several criteria. Firsty, the overall damage output of the given weapon. How much damage does it do purely in numbers, but also how much damage it does relative to weapons with a similar function. Rankings are also determined by how useful a weapon is in common encounters, and how important a given weapon type is to carry in your kit. Lastly, current the meta in Fortnite has a major impact on the tier of a given weapon.

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