Fortnite Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons To The Ice Legion Guide

Fortnite Deal Damage With Explosive Weapons To The Ice Legion Guide

This challenge is part of the Ice Storm challenges series. First thing you want to do, is head into a game of Ice Storm. Now, go collect some explosives or explosive weapons and look for an Ice Fiend spawner which looks like this.

Fortnite Ice Fiend Spawn

Bring out your explosives, and throw them at the Ice Fiends. Be careful not to hit the pillar as destroying it will cause Ice Fiends to not respawn.

using explosive weapon on Ice Fiends in Fortnite

Ice Fiends take an increased amount of damage from explosives, which makes the challenge easier. As you can see on the picture above, a regular grenade does 300 damage to each Ice Fiend. These ice zombies, do drop explosives themselves occasionally. Therefore, it is possible to complete the entire challenge in a single game, with a little luck.

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