Destroy Ice Fiends Fortnite

Fortnite Destroy Ice Fiends Challenge Guide

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This post shows you how to complete the challenge. Destroy Ice Fiends, which is a part of the new Ice Storm Challenges.

To complete this challenge, you have to eliminate 250 Ice Fiends, which are the new ice zombies which spawn around the Fortnite world, in the Ice Storm Mode.

A great for doing this challenge is around Paradise Palms at the exact location below. Not many people land there so you won’t have to deal with that many other players.

Ice Fiends zombie location Fortnite season 7

This challenge will take quite a while to complete as 250 Ice Fiends are a lot. The Ice Fiends drop ammo and health, so you can keep on farming them until the storm stops you, or another player takes you out.

Destroy Ice Fiends challenge From Ice Storm Challenges in Fortnite

Don’t destroy the spawn pillar as Ice Fiends will stop respawning. Even if you don’t hit the pillar, it will eventually be destroyed. Once this happens, simply move on to a new one. At the given location above 3 pillars are┬áin close proximity of each other.

Ice Fiends spawn pillar Fortnite

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