Fortnite how to support a creator

Fortnite How To Support A Creator

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What is support a creator

Support-A-Creator is a program launched by Epic Games in November of 2018. Through this program, Fortnite players can support their favorite creators by using a creator’s creator-code in game.

Whenever a player using a creator-code, spends V-Bucks in Fortntite, the supported creator gets a small amount of money. Creators receive $5 per 10,000 V-Bucks spent by its supporters.

Even though many players only spend very little V-Bucks on the game, having hundreds of thousands of supporters like popular streamers, will quickly add up. Epic games has a public list of all approved creators for those interesed.

How to support a creator

Once you’ve found a creator you wish to support, open up your Fortnite game. Head into the Item Shop and locate the “Support a Creator” button in the bottom right corner of the shop.

Support a creator button in Fortnite item shop

Click this button and you’ll see this window

Support a creator Fortnite

Simply write the creator code of your desired creator and press accept. Every time you now spend V-Bucks in game, you will be supporting your favorite creator. Notice, your support a creator setting resets every 2 weeks, so be sure to update your set code.

How to get a support a creator code

To get a Support-A-Creator code yourself, you have to meet certain requirements. These include at least 1000 followers on any major social media. You can check out the full requirements and apply yourself on the Support-A-Creator page.

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