Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 Challenges Complete Guide

Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 Challenges Complete Guide

Get ready to earn those battle stars and level up your battle pass, because week 6 challenges are now out! In this guide, I will show you how to complete each of them. The following challenges are in week 6


Upgraded Battle Pass


Deal damage with 1. SMGs, 2. Assault Rifles, 3. Grenades, Clingers or Stink Bombs (0/200)

This challenge consists of three stages, which cannot be done in a single game. Therefore, you have to play at least 3 matches to complete the entire challenge. First stage requires you to deal 200 damage to enemies with SMGs (submachine guns). In the second stage you have to deal 200 damage to enemies with assault rifles, and in the last stage you have to deal 200 damage to enemies with grenades, clingers or stink bombs.

The easiest way to do this challenge is by playing LTMs where you respawn, such as Team Rumble, or Food Fight. Here you can find the weapons you need for the stage you are on, and then fight the enemy until you’ve dealt the total damage. When you die in these LTMs, you respawn with your weapons, which makes it a lot easier.

Deal damage with 5 different weapons in a single match

To complete this challenge you have to hit (deal damage) to enemies with 5 different weapons in a single. This challenge doesn’t require any amount of damage. This means that you can just hit a single shot on an enemy with a weapon, and then switch to another weapon. Keep switching weapons until you have dealt damage with 5 weapons. Once again, if you have trouble doing this challenge, try out LTMs such as Team Rumble, Food Fight, or Disco Domination where you can respawn. Same weapons of different rarity, ie. golden and epic scar, will count as two different weapons.

NOTE: At the moment it seems the challenge is glitched. Some users have reported being able to complete it by eliminating enemies with 5 different weapons.

Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing or Tilted Towers (0/3)

This challenge is quite simple, you just have to eliminate opponents in either Lucky Landing or in Tilted Towers. For most people it’s probably easiest to get eliminations in Lucky Landing. These three eliminations don’t have to be achieved in a single game, nor at the same location.

Search an Ammo Box in different named locations (0/7)

In order to complete this challenge, you have to open ammo boxes in 7 different locations. Ammo boxes are small green metal boxes, often located in corners and hidden under stairs. You don’t have to open all the boxes in a single game. The easiest way to complete this challenge is to drop at locations that not many people go to. These locations are mostly the ones at the edge of the map.

Ammo box in Fortnite battle royale

Search Chilly Gnomes (0/7)

This challenge requires you to find and search 7 Chilly Gnomes around the map. To search these Chilly Gnomes, simply walk up to them and press interact. You can find Chilly Gnomes at the specific locations shown on the picture below. You probably won’t be able to find all 7 gnomes in a single game. Therefore, the easiest way to do this challenge is just to land on a gnome, then try to go to the next nearest one. If you die, jump into another game and repeat.

Here is a video showing you the exact location of Chilly Gnomes in Fortnite.

Slide an Ice Puck over 150m in a single throw

To complete this challenge, you have to have the Ice Puck toy. You can obtain this toy by leveling your upgraded battle pass to level 28. Once you have this toy, jump into a game and head over to the snowy lands. This is the easiest location to get complete the challenge. Go to any tall mountain that has downward sloping terrain under it, and use the Ice Puck toy. Your character will now throw the puck, and once it lands it will slide on the ground. Aim the ice puck at the edge of the mountain, so that it slides down and hopefully far on the ground it lands on. A video below shows you an exact location where you can complete this challenge.

Visit 1. Polar Peak and Tilted Towers in a single match, 2. Lucky Landing and Retail Row in a single match, 3. Lazy Links and Shifty Shafts in a single match.

As this challenge consists of 3 stages, you have to play at least 3 games to complete it.

In the first stage, you have to visit both Polar Peak and Tilted Towers in a single game. This can be done quite easily. The easiest way is to grab a plane at the plane station in the middle of the snowy field (to the right of Polar Peak on the map). Once in the plane, fly to Polar Peak and then to Tilted Tower. Another way to do it is by landing at Polar Peak, and then instantly go to Tilted Towers. Because there aren’t many players around in the lands between Polar and Tilted, this should be a safe route.

The easiest way to do stage two is to land at Lucky Landing and then head to Retail Row. The reason it would be a good idea to land at Lucky Landing, is that you can head into the desert and find a rift or a quadcrasher. After this simply rift to another rift and land at Retail, or drive to retail from the desert.

The last stage is the easiest of the three to do. For this one, you want to land at Lazy Links, and then just head over to the planes near Tomato Temple. Once in the plane, simply fly to Shifty Shafts and you’re done.

Find the secret Banner in Loading Screen #6

As always, once you’ve completed all the 7 weekly challenges, you unlock the secret banner or battle star. This week, the secret banner is located at in the bottom right of the map, in the desert. More specifically, on the mountain with cars vertically stuck in the ground. You can find the exact location of the golden star on the image below.

Here is a video showing you the exact location of the hidden banner

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