Fortnite season 8 victory umbrella glider

Fortnite Season 8 Victory Umbrella Glider

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What is a victory umbrella

Every season in Fortnite a new victory umbrella glider is released. This glider is obtained by winning a match in Fortnite during the given season. However, only the classic game modes count. That means solos, duos, and squads games will award you this season’s victory umbrella, LTMs will not. All victory umbrellas are very similar in appearance but have their own theme, often related to the season’s theme. Because victory umbrellas are obtained through victories in a given season, you will never be able to obtain it again after a season end. This means old victory umbrellas from earlier seasons become rare.

Victory Umbrella From Season 8

In season 8, the victory umbrella is a palm leaf, which relates to season 8’s theme of jungles, pirates, and treasures. Obtaining this glider will not only give you an item which can never be obtained after season 8, but will also show other players in-game that you’ve gotten yourself a victory royale. This glider also goes by the name of Palm Leaf. Here you can see the victory umbrella from season 8.

Season 8 victory umbrella Palm Leaf glider Fortnite

Tips on how to obtain Palm Leaf glider

To obtain the season 8 victory umbrella, you have to win a game of solo, duos or squads. This is no easy task for the average player, so here are some tips on how you can get that victory royale and obtain the Palm Leaf glider. Firstly, it is generally easier to get a win in squads, so queue up with your friends. Secondly, practicing your aim and your building are the main things that will increase your chances of winning in Fortnite. Check out our guide on how to win in Fortnite to improve your odds.

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