What is a Default Fortnite

Fortnite What Is A Default?

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If you’ve played Fortnite or watched videos or streams of the game, chances are you’ve heard of a Default. But what is a default? Find out in this post which covers the following topics

What is a default

A default is a term used for describing newbies, bad, and or inexperienced players in Fortnite. It originates from the default skin in Fortnite, which many new and inexperienced players utilize, as it is free. After the term’s rise in popularity, many videos are centered around the concept of a default. Generally, these defaults are portraited as bots, or almost non-human like due to their inexperience with the game, which puts them at a major disadvantage. The default skin comes in different variations. It is not currently possible to choose which variation you get to play in-game.

A default in Fortnite

What is a fake default

A fake default is a great player pretending to be an inexperienced player, a default, by using the default skin. Being a fake default gained a lot of popularity through streamers such as Tfue, who uses the default skin even though he is one of the best players out there. Since so many good players now use the default skin in an attempt to trick the enemy, it can be very difficult to tell if an approaching enemy truly is a default, or is a fake default.

A fake default in Fortnite

What is the default dance

The default dance in Fortnite, is actually called Dance Moves. However, due to it being free, and the default dance emote, it is known as the default dance. Many Fortnite memes include this default dance as it captures the essence of Fortnite culture.

Default dance in Fortnite, also known as Dance Moves

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