Fortnite What Is A Scrim Lobby

Fortnite What Is A Scrim Lobby

What is a scrim/a scrim lobby

A scrim is an arranged practice match in a video game. For a long time, a scrim was between two teams such as two pro teams in League of Legends. However, scrims later became more common between non-professional players such as in Counter-Strike.

In a scrim, great players can practice agaisnt other great players to improve their skills, without having to play agaisnt mediocre or bad players. With the rise of the pro-scene in Fortnite, scrims have become common in Fortnite aswell.

Instead of doing random queues, some players now join so-called scrim lobbies to ensure other great players are in the same match as them. A scrim lobby is a Fortnite game like any other where several great players have queued up at the exact same time to get into the same game.

Some scrim-communities are invite-only, meaning you have to show significant skill to be able to join their scrim games. Other scrim-communities don’t have any requirements to join, and you will still meet exceptional players.

How to join a scrim lobby

To join a scrim lobby, you first have to become part of a scrim-community. Some of these are invite-only, so you can’t do much unless you are specifically invited by them. To be invited, you have to show exceptional skill in-game. Other communities allow you to apply to their community, and will have you show them your skill from there.

However, there is an easy way to get into a scrim lobby without going through all of that hassle. You can simply join a Fortnite scrim-discord server. Joining one of these servers come with no requirements, and you can start scrimming instantly.

You can find a scrim-discord server that fits your needs on websites like Discordbots.

Once you’ve found a server, the way it usually works is that you join a channel related to your region and wait for a countdown. As soon as the countdown is finished, join a game of solos (if that’s what the channel says). You will likely be queued up with several other players scrimming.

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