Game of Fantasy Game Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Game of Fantasy Game Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Game of Fantasy is a mobile strategy game by Elex, in which players build a kingdom, train an army of troops, fight on the vast land, and more.

To be successful in the game, you have to build a powerful army with a combination of troops that suit your playstyle and your hero.

As the game is an online-multiplayer strategy mobile game, you get to test your skills against players all over the world.

Contrary to most strategy mobile games, you fight enemies in a turn-based battle instead of the outcome being determined automatically.

To help you in your quest to be the strongest kingdom, you can draw help from your alliance.

The game is available on Google Play.

Table of contents

Game introduction

Upon entering the game, you’re met with the decision to pick between one of four races.

The race you choose will determine the appearance of your city, troops, and heroes, as well as give you a permanent boost.

Here is an overview of all the four races you can select in Game of Fantasy.

  • Human: +3% hero active skill dmg boost, +5% training speed up, +10% Grain gather speed up
  • Elf: +5% Soldier ranged dmg dealt boost, +10% forest speed up, +10% tent capacity
  • Dwarf: +5% soldier mag def boost, +5% research speed boost, +5% hero exp boost
  • Behemoth: +10% march speed up, +10% soldier load boost, +5% soldier physical atk boost

Once you’ve selected a race, you’re taken to your base.

Here you will be building structures, train troops, farm resources, and more.

To keep improving the power of your kingdom, you should always look to upgrade your buildings and research new boosts.

When you’ve gathered some troops, you are ready to start marching on the world map.

The world map is where you’ll find enemies to fight, resources to conquer, and other players to take on.

Throughout your adventures, you’ll also be collecting new heroes, optimizing army setups, and more, all in a quest to be the strongest kingdom.

In this guide, we give you tips and tricks on how to get stronger in the game and progress faster.

How to spend time speedups optimally

Time speedups are special items that allow you to reduce the remaining time of buildings, troops, and other actions.

There are three kinds of speedups in the game, troop speedups, building speedups, and general speedups.

General speedups can be used to reduce the time of any action, whereas troop and building speedups can only be used for troops and buildings.

As speedups are valuable items, you should look to spend them optimally.

The general speedups and building speedups should be prioritized for the research building, as you cannot research while it is being upgraded.

If you cannot upgrade your research building, spend your general speedups on buildings that produce troops, as these cannot produce troops while being upgraded.

At the beginning of the game, it could be smart to use speedups for your town hall as well, as you cannot upgrade other buildings beyond its level.

You should, obviously, just use troop speedups on any building that produces troops, as this is the only thing you can use them for.

How to get heroes

Heroes are special characters that lead your army of troops in battle.

Not only do heroes have great damage output themselves, but they also provide useful buffs to your troops, making heroes a very important part of your setup.

You can get heroes in Game of Fantasy by inducing them at the Tavern or by combining hero shards. Once you have the required number of hero shards, you can combine them into the hero.

The main way to get hero echo shards in the game is by inducing them through the Emerald Dream feature at the Tavern building.

There are two types of induces at the Emerald Dream – Normal and Rare.

Normal induces can only give the hero Echo directly, but can give some hero shards.

Rare induces can give all heroes directly and all hero shards.

The odds of getting heroes directly and hero shards are better when using the Rare induce.

It is, however, also more expensive to do, and you get less free Rare induces compared to Normal ones.

By clicking ‘Reward Preview’ inside the Emerald Dream, you can see all the rewards the currently selected type of induce can give and the odds of getting each one.

You can find all your hero shards in the ‘Other’ tab of your bag.

Here, you can also see how many shards of the specific hero you need before you can summon it.

You can also see all the heroes in the game, their abilities as well as how many shards you need to summon each one in the ‘Hero’ tab in the bottom menu.

Use your stamina

Stamina is an important resource in Game of Fantasy that allows you to march to battles, quests, and other kingdoms.

Because spoils from these are so important, you should always spend your stamina daily.

Doing this will significantly improve your progression rate as the rewards for marching will help you upgrade your kingdom.

You automatically regenerate stamina, which is why you shouldn’t hold on to it. Your stamina will have regenerated the next day.

To check how much stamina you currently have, click your profile icon in the top left corner.

On the right side of your profile page, you can see a bar with a potion icon. This is how much stamina you currently have.

You can also get stamina from chests, including the last daily quest reward chest, which gives you a 50 stamina potion.

Join an alliance

Joining an alliance will help you a lot throughout your journey in Game of Fantasy.

You can join an alliance as soon as you upgrade your town hall to level 4.

We recommend you apply to join an alliance that already has a fair number of members, as you can get more help from these.

Being in an alliance comes with several benefits, including resources and other useful items from chests, help in battle, and support when your kingdom is in trouble.

You also receive a valuable gift of resources, peace guard, and more when you join an alliance.

Besides the benefits of being in an alliance, most players prefer to be in one as you become part of a community and can fight alongside your comrades on the world map.

Follow quests and events

A great way to ensure you don’t miss out on vital content is by following quests and events in the game.

Quests can be accessed through the book icon on the left side of the screen.

Here you’ll find both your daily quests and major quests.

There is no rush to complete major quests, as these simply guide you through the game while giving you resources.

Daily quests, however, are a great source of special items, including stamina potions, speedups, and elemental codexes.

To get your hands on these rewards, you need to complete enough daily quests on that particular day.

Each daily quest you complete gives you a number of activity points for that day.

When you reach 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 points, you unlock daily quest reward chests.

Another feature you should take advantage of in Game of Fantasy is the Event Center located on the right side of the screen.

Here, you can find all current events and the rewards you can earn from participating in them.

With these tips and tricks, you should be better suited to start your journey in Game of Fantasy.

If you have any suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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