Grounded – How To Get An Axe

Grounded – How To Get An Axe

The first tool you’ll need in Grounded is the axe.

With an axe, you can’t gather essential resources needed to progress through the game.

Crafting an axe in Grounded is, luckily, quite easy.

In this guide, we teach you step by step how to get an axe.

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How to craft an axe in Grounded

To craft an axe in Grounded, you need three different materials – 3 Sprigs, 2 Pebblets, and 1 Woven Fiber.

Woven Fiber is a crafted material made of Plant Fiber. Learn more about how to craft Woven Fiber in our guide on how to get Woven Fiber in Grounded.

Both Sprigs and Pebblets can be found in abundance on the ground.

Pebblets are small rocks scattered around the ground that look like this.

Grounded Pebblet

Sprigs are larger green plants that look like the following.

Grounded Sprig

Now that you have all the materials required to make an axe, you’re ready to decipher the recipe for the Pebblet Axe.

You can’t craft the Pebblet Axe by default, which is why you need to decipher the recipe for it at the Resource Analyzer.

The Resource Analyzer is located in the Scientific Lab located near spawn.

You can reach the Scientific Lab by following the small road right outside of spawn.

Here is a picture of the Scientific Lab, so you know what you’re looking for.

Grounded Scientific Lab

Inside this small building, you’ll find the Resource Analyzer on the right side.

Go ahead and interact with it to open up the Resource Analyzer.

Choose one of the Pebblets you’ve picked up and press Analyze.

Once the analyzation is complete, you’ll have unlocked the recipe for the Pebblet Axe.

Grounded Axe recipe

Now that you have the recipe, you’re ready to craft the axe.

Open up your inventory by pressing tab, go to the crafting tab, and locate the Tools section.

Here, you’ll find the Pebblet Axe in the list of tools you can craft.

Grounded Pebblet Axe crafting

Once you have the materials required for making the Pebblet Axe, select it in the list of tools and press Craft.

That’s it! You now have an axe you can use to chop down stronger plants and to gather new resources.

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