How does Fortnite make money when the game is free

How Does Fortnite Make Money When The Game Is Free?

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Despite Fortnite being a free-to-play game, it is still making a ton of money. Actually, it is one of the most profitable games out here. Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, earned a stackering estimated $2.4 billion on the popular battle royale title in 2018.

The main source of income for Fortnite is through the sale of Vbucks. Vbucks are an in-game currency used to purchase skins, gliders, battle passes, and whatever else Fortnite decides to put in their item shop. From time to time, Fortnite will release limited edition packages that can only be purchased with real money. An example of this is the Fallen Love Ranger pack.

As mentioned, their main source of income comes from Vbucks-purchases. Like many other games with in-game currencies, the conversion rate changes depending on how much you buy.

Fortnite vbucks store prices

When buying the cheapest pack of 1000 Vbucks, will come at a rate of 1 dollar/1 euro per 100 Vbucks. This means a skin at the cost of 2000 Vbucks, in reality, costs $20. Prices like these, are not unusual for Fortnite but are more expensive than other freemium games. If you purchase the most expensive package of 13500 Vbucks, it will come at a conversion rate of 1 dollar/1 euro per 135 Vbucks. At this rate, a 2000 Vbucks skin will cost you $14.81 in reality.

Though not disclosed, it is likely Epic Games are making revenue through collaborations with the likes of Samsung and their Galaxy Skin event. It is also possible that Fortnite is generating profit through their various events through ticket sales and or sponsors. However, these events could be purely for marketing, and not for profit. Information on this is not publicly available.

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