How To Download Creative Destruction On PC – Guide

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Creative Destruction is a battle royale game similar to Fortnite and other titles that include some sort of building element. Creative Destruction does have its unique features which have sparked a considered fanbase for the game. However, a lot of people still doesn’t know how to download the game on pc, so that’s exactly what we are going to teach you. There are two methods, so choose whichever one you want

Method 1 – Creative Destruction Client

The first method is to download the game through the Creative Destruction website.

1. Go to the official Creative Destruction website:

2. Click the “Try the PC Version” button on the front page (the picture below shows the button

cd website download

3. After clicking the download button, you will see two buttons saying “PC Version” and “Steam Version”. Go ahead and choose “PC Version”.

cd website download2

4. Your download will now start, simply wait for it to finish

cd download.png

5. When your download is finished, run it and a shortcut to the client should be added to your desktop. Click the icon on the desktop and you will see the following client

cd website download4

6. Choose your preferred way of logging in, either with a Google Account or a Facebook account. Your account will be bound to this Google Account or Facebook account. After logging in, you are now ready to play Creative Destruction on PC, have fun!


Method 2 – Steam

1.  Open up your Steam client. If you don’t have steam, you can download it here

2. Go to the Steam store

steam store

3. Type in “Creative Destruction” in the search bar to the right

steam store2

4. You should now be on the Creative Destruction page on Steam. Scroll down a bit and click the “Play Free” button and start the download.

steam store3

5. When the download is finished, go to your “Games” tap, and you should see Creative Destruction ready to play. Simply start up the game and you are ready to play, have fun!

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