How To Download & Play Taptap Heroes On PC Guide

How To Download & Play Taptap Heroes On PC Guide

Taptap Heroes is a great mobile game to play on the PC because of its simple controls of the nature of the game. Many players prefer it to mobile as you play on a much larger display and can keep the game running in the background to optimize your farming and progress. In this guide, we teach you how to download and play Taptap Heroes on your computer step by step.

How to download and play Taptap Heroes on PC

Step 1: As Taptap Heroes is a mobile game originally built for mobile devices, you need an emulator that can emulate the game to play on your PC. We recommend Bluestacks, as it runs the game smoothly and without problems. Furthermore, we’ve been able to run every other mobile game we’ve tested on Bluestacks. Press the button below to be taken to the Taptap Heroes page for Bluestacks.

Download Taptap Heroes On PC

You will see the following page after pressing the button.

Taptap Heroes PC download landing page

Step 2: Press the red “Download Taptap Heroes On PC” button in the middle of the page and run the Bluestacks installer to start installing the emulator. Besides download and installing, Bluestacks has to set up a bit the first time you open it. Because of this, the entire process can take up to 10 minutes depending on your internet and computer.

Taptap Heroes bluestacks download

Step 3: Once Bluestacks has been installed and set up, you’ll be on the Bluestacks homepage. On the Bluestacks homepage, you’ll find the Taptap Heroes icon. Go ahead and press the icon.

Taptap Heroes icon on Bluestacks homepage

Step 4: After pressing the Taptap Heroes icon, you’ll be taken to the Google Play page for Taptap Heroes. Press the green install button in the top right corner to start installing the game.

Taptap Heroes Google Play page on Bluestacks

Once the game has been installed, press the Open button on the Google Play page or go to the Bluestacks homepage and press the Taptap Heroes icon.

That’s it! You are now playing Taptap Heroes on your PC.

Taptap Heroes on PC gameplay screenshot

How to Control Taptap Heroes on PC

Playing Taptap Heroes on the computer is very simple, it’s actually just like playing on a phone or tablet. The only difference between playing on mobile devices and on PC is that your mouse now is your tap. To select or press a button in the game, simply press it with the cursor.

Advantages of playing Taptap Heroes on PC

Taptap Heroes is among those RPG mobile games that require a lot of farming to beat the toughest levels in the game. Even though farming is relatively simple, many players aren’t able to start as many battles, etc., as they want to because it can be inconvenient to have the game running your phone laying on the table all the time. Playing Taptap Heroes on the computer can, therefore, be a great alternative, as you can let the game run in the background while you do other activities such as work. Furthermore, playing on a much larger display is preferred by some players and also allow for easier recording for those who want to do so. If you have an older phone, which has a hard time running Taptap Heroes smoothly, playing on PC is a potential solution. Most computers are much stronger than phones and can run the game with an emulator smoothly.

That’s everything you need to know about how to play Taptap Heroes on the PC. You are now ready to take your farming to the next level with the advantages of playing on a computer.

How to play Taptap Heroes video guide

Here is a short guide showing this process step-by-step if you prefer that format.

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