How To Get Free Skins In Creative Destruction With Soccer Royale V2

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Skins are a big part of any battle royale games and are something that is desired by almost every player. However, not all are willing to or have the means to acquire skins themselves, luckily there are other ways. Currently, you can earn some free skins both for your character and for a weapon in Creative Destruction

All you have to do is play the new game mode, Soccer Royale V2. When you play the game mode, you have to complete challenges which you find under the Soccer Royale V2 “Event” tab on your login screen.

soccer royale.png

These missions reset daily and reward you with footballs. After gathering some footballs, go to the Exchange for Soccer Star suit tab, where you can trade in footballs for either limited time, or permanent skins. The permanent ones obviously cost a little more.

soccer royale2.png

There are both full body skins of different colors and styles that cost 50 footballs for the permanent ones, and then there are permanent shotgun skins that cost 30 footballs. This event lasts from November 15 to December 6, so hurry up and gather all these free skins for yourself

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