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How To Get Items – Teamfight Tactics

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Getting and combining the right items for your team and strategy can be the deciding factor between victory and loss. Items are a controversial topic in the Teamfight Tactics community because of its RNG and has been just that since the release of the game. In this game, we cover how to get items in TFT.

How to get items in Teamfight Tactics

There are only two ways to get items in Teamfight Tactics. One is through killing mobs, and the other is by selecting a hero in the carousel draft.

Whenever you kill a mob, there is a small chance that an item drops. Some more powerful mobs like the drake, does, however, have a higher chance to drop an item. Nevertheless, because item drops from mobs are based on RNG, you will get far fewer items than others in certain games. The community has criticized this feature heavily since Teamfight Tactic’s release. Riot has since announced, that they are working on a system to make the item drop RNG fairer. At the moment, there is nothing you can do to increase the probability of getting more items from mobs. You can only make sure that you manage to kill every single one.

Item drop Teamfight Tactics

The second way to obtain items in TFT is through the carousel draft. Here, you get to select any champion from the circle of champions, as long as someone else hasn’t already taken them. Each champion in the draft holds an item that is visible to all players. Often, players choose a specific champion in the carousel draft based on what item they hold. Once you’ve selected a champion, you can simply sell it, and you get the item in your storage. If you decide to use the champion you’ve chosen on your team, it will just keep on holding the item.

Carousel champion draft Teamfight Tactics

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