How to play AFK Arena on PC guide

How To Play AFK Arena On PC Guide

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AFK Arena is a great game to play in the background while doing something else. Therefore, being able to play it on PC is very convenient. You can even use the same account as on your mobile when you play on PC. This guide teaches you step by step how to play AFK Arena on your computer.

How to play on PC

Step 1: To play AFK Arena on PC, you need an emulator that can emulate the mobile game on your computer. Click the following link: BlueStacks. You will see this screen.

AFK Arena Bluestacks landing page pc

Step 2: Click the red button that says “Download AFK Arena On PC” on the right side of the screen. You will now start downloading the BlueStacks installer. Go ahead and run it.

Bluestacks Installer screen

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, you will see the following window. Go ahead and click on the “Launch” button. Then, wait for the program to finish setting up, it only has to do this the first time you start the program.

AFK Arena Bluestacks installation finished

Step 4: After setting up the client, BlueStacks is ready to use. You will see the following windows, which is the BlueStacks home screen. Go ahead and press the AFK Arena icon located on your home screen. A window with the game’s page on Google Play will pop up, go ahead and click “Install”.

BlueStacks AFK Arena PC home screen icon
AFK Arena pc download window BlueStacks

Step 5: Once AFK Arena is installed, you can close the Google Play window. You will now find the AFK Arena icon on your BlueStacks home screen, go ahead and press it. The game will now start.

Playing AFK Arena on PC

Congratulations! You are now playing AFK Arena on PC.

Use your AFK Arena account on PC

If you already have an account you’ve played on, on mobile and wish to use that on PC, this is how you do it.

Firstly, you’ll have to link your account on your mobile device to either a Gmail or a Facebook account. If you are on IOS, you have to link it to a Facebook account as the BlueStacks emulator is running Android and therefore can’t log into an Apple ID.

To link your account, press your profile image in the top left corner when inside AFK Arena. A profile window will now appear. Press the “Account” button and press “Link”. You’ll now be able to choose between Gmail and Facebook.

Linking account on AFK Arena

Once you’ve linked your account, head back into AFK Arena on BlueStacks on your PC. Here you’ll have to complete a bit of the intro before you are able to press the profile icon in the top left corner.

Once you’re able to click the profile icon, go ahead and press it. The same profile window as above will appear. Click on “Account” again, but this time click “Switch”.

Switching Account in AFK Arena

Again, you’ll be able to choose between Gmail and Facebook, choose whichever one you linked your AFK Arena account to and log in.

After logging in, your game will restart and you will be on your own account with the same progress as you’ve previously acquired.

Using own account on AFK Arena BlueStacks PC

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