How to Play On Stake Casino in the US, UK, Any Country 2024

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Stake has quickly become one of the largest crypto casino sites used by almost all of the top gambling streamers on Twitch and even the rapper Drake.

When trying to sign up for Stake, some players, unfortunately, meet the message ‘Sorry, Stake isn’t available in your region’, as the site is blocked in some countries.

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It is, however, possible to access and use the site in full from any country in the world, including the United States – here is how.

To play on Stake casino from the US, UK, or any other country in the world that is blocked, you have to use a VPN and set your location to an unblocked country. We recommend using ExpressVPN, as that’s the one we have personally tested, and it allows you to access the site in its entirety.

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We’ve found that setting your location to either Canada, Mexico, or Luxembourg using ExpressVPN allows you to access Stake in full, meaning you can play all games and use all its functionality, including deposit and withdrawal.

When you’ve acquired ExpressVPN and can access, you can use the button below or this link to sign up and get a 10% rakeback bonus on your account.

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Alternatively, you can use the promo code ‘rakeback10’ when creating your account to get the same 10% rakeback bonus.

There is a separate version of Stake called Stake US for the United States only, which you can access through this link and get a 5% rakeback bonus. If you want to play on the original Stake site, however, you need to follow the steps in this guide.

Table of contents

How to play on Stake in the United States and all other countries

With Stake being one of the largest betting sites and used by all the biggest Twitch streamers and YouTubers, there are naturally many people wondering how to play on Stake in their country, as the site isn’t available by default everywhere.

To play on Stake casino in the United States or any other country that is blocked from accessing it, you have to use a VPN and set your location to a country where the site is available.

We have tested ExpressVPN to solve this issue, and that’s the VPN that we recommend you use, as it allows you to access Stake from anywhere.

You can get ExpressVPN with a 49% discount on their 12-month plan by using the link above or the button below.

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Once you’ve acquired and activated ExpressVPN, these are the steps that you need to take to access Stake.

  1. Open the ExpressVPN app on your desktop or phone
  2. Click the currently selected country under Smart Location or Selected Location
  3. In the list of VPN Locations, select Canada, Mexico, or Luxembourg
  4. After selecting one of these countries, click the activate icon above Not connected
  5. Your location is now set to the selected country, and you can access Stake!
ExpressVPN on Stake

Other countries that you can select in the ExpressVPN app that gives you full access to Stake include Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, and Argentina. A specific city within the selected country can also be chosen by clicking the arrow on the right side of a country in the VPN Locations list.

When you’re creating your Stake account after gaining access to the site, you can use the promo code ‘rakeback10’ to get 10% rakeback enabled on your account.

Sign Up For Stake Button

You can also sign up for Stake after activating ExpressVPN through the button above, which will automatically activate the ‘rakeback10’ code and thus enable 10% rakeback on the account you create.

Some countries like the United Kingdom have a special version of Stake with fewer games and less functionality.

If you’re from the United Kingdom or another country with limited access and wish to use the real full version of Stake, you can use this same method to get onto the original site.

Using this method also fixes the issue where some countries with access to Stake cannot play games from all providers.

For those who want to play on Stake on your phone, you can download the ExpressVPN app on your phone after purchasing the subscription. Then use the same steps to access Stake, just on the app on your phone instead.

Does deposit and withdrawal work on Stake with a VPN?

Deposits and withdrawals from Stake work the exact same way when using a VPN as when you’re accessing the site from a country that isn’t blocked.

As Stake primarily operates with cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, verification is optional.

You can deposit and withdraw crypto instantly as soon as you create an account, including when you’re using a VPN in a blocked country.

To make a deposit or withdraw funds, click Wallet at the top of the site, click Deposit or Withdraw, select the cryptocurrency you wish to access, and then make your deposit or withdrawal.

Stake Withdrawal

You make a deposit by sending the desired amount of crypto to the displayed address in the deposit tab of your Wallet. Make sure to only send the cryptocurrency corresponding to the wallet address you’re currently viewing.

Likewise, you make a withdrawal by typing in the address you wish to withdraw crypto to and typing in the amount, then click Withdraw. Again, make sure to use a withdrawal address corresponding to the cryptocurrency you’re currently viewing.

All cryptocurrencies on the site have a minimum withdrawal amount, which ranges from around $5 to $30.

When you withdraw crypto, a withdrawal fee to cover the network transaction cost is subtracted from the withdrawal amount. You can see the amount below the Withdraw button.

A cryptocurrency like TRX has an almost $0 withdrawal fee, while ETH has a withdrawal fee of around $10, depending on the current gas fees on the network.

What countries are blocked on Stake?

Not all countries can access Stake, and some sites have only limited access to the site.

Here are some of the countries that are blocked from accessing Stake by default:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Iraq
  • Czech Republic
  • Belarus
  • Netherlands
  • Iran
  • Cuba

There are more blocked countries. You can find the full list on the Stake website.

The United States does have a separate version called Stake US, which you can access through this link and get a 5% rakeback bonus. However, if you wish to play on the original Stake site, you need to follow the steps above.

While the countries above are all blocked from accessing the site, there are other countries that only have limited access to the site, meaning they cannot play games by all providers on Stake.

The United Kingdom is a special case, as it not only can access Stake with limited access, they even have a special UK-only version of Stake, which only allows them to play a smaller selection of games and doesn’t give access to all of Stake’s functionality.

Using the method outlined in the first paragraph of this guide allows you to access Stake with full functionality, including the ability to play all games from all providers in blocked countries.

Both the United Kingdom and countries with only limited access to Stake can also use the method outlined in the first paragraph of this guide to gain full access to Stake and all games by all providers.

Does a free VPN work on Stake?

Using a free VPN to access Stake from a blocked country is not recommended.

The free VPNs that you can use usually aren’t good enough to mask your location and thus do not work on sites like Stake.

We have read several reports of free VPNs not working on Stake.

Furthermore, most free VPNs limit the speed of your internet when using them and set a cap on how much data you can use through their VPN daily. When you reach the daily cap, you’re disconnected from the location you’re connected to.

Therefore, we strongly recommend using a high-quality paid VPN like ExpressVPN, as those give you unlimited data usage, don’t slow your internet speed, and work on websites like Stake.

We have personally tested ExpressVPN, and it works to access Stake from blocked countries.

Are VPNs allowed on Stake?

So far, there haven’t been any reports of players having issues when using a VPN to play on Stake.

Nor do people experience any issues when depositing or withdrawing funds to and from their Stake account while using a VPN in a blocked country.

Some Twitch streamers are also known to have used VPNs to access Stake while they were in the US.

While Stake does briefly mention that they are prohibited in their terms of service, the general consensus is that Stake does allow the use of VPNs on their site.

On the Stake community forums, users also report that Stake does allow VPNs.

That’s how to play on Stake casino in the United States, United Kingdom, and all other countries that are blocked!

Disclaimer: Gambling should be viewed purely as entertainment, not as a means of making money. The odds are against you, which means you statistically will lose money in the long run. Only gamble with money that you can afford and are willing to lose. We recommend setting a limit for yourself to control how much you play with. If you believe you have a gambling problem, check Gamble Aware or a similar awareness site in your country.

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