How To See Your Ping In Fortnite

How To See Your Ping In Fortnite

Your ping is a measure of how quickly your client interacts with the Fortnite server.

Having a lower ping means a faster response time in your game, which can be a deciding factor in a battle.


In this guide, we show you how to see your ping in Fortnite.

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What is ping in Fortnite

Your ping is a measure of how quickly your internet connection reacts to a certain request, or how fast it is to receive information after making a request.

In other words, the faster your ping is, the more responsive your game will be.

A Ping is measured in ms, milliseconds.

Even though this is a very small measure of time, a difference of just 30 ms is very noticeable when playing Fortnite and other games.

How to see your ping in Fortnite

There are two ways of seeing your ping in Fortnite.

The first one is an average measure calculated based on which server region you are connected to.

To see this ping, go to settings and press the gears icon in the top menu.

Matchmaking ping in Fortnite

As your ping is constantly changing in-game, you probably want to see a constant ping feed in your games.

To do this, you have to be in a game, you can’t just be in the lobby as the HUD tab won’t appear.

So, head into a game and open up settings once again.

Click on the gear icon in the top menu and you will now see another tab under the gears icon named “HUD”.

Click this and locate the option “Net Debug Stats”.

Turn this option on and you will be able to see your live ping in game, as well as some other stats.

Turn on ping in Fortnite

After turning on this option, you will be able to see your ping in-game, in the top left corner of your screen.

The following is what is looks like:

Live ping in Fortnite

That’s how to see your ping in Fortnite!

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