How To Upgrade Brawlers and Get Power Points & Coins – Brawl Stars Guide

How To Upgrade Brawlers and Get Power Points & Coins – Brawl Stars Guide

Brawlers in Brawl Stars can be upgraded, also known as powered up. This increases the stats of a brawler, making it stronger in game. The more trophies you collect, the better opponents you will face, making it more important to have high-level brawlers. In this guide, we’ll cover the following topics on upgrading brawlers in Brawl Stars

How to upgrade brawlers

Upgrading brawlers requires two things Power Points and Coins. Power Points indicated with a pink lightning symbol are collected from Brawl Boxes, shop offers, and the trophy road. Power points are specific to a brawler, which means you have to earn enough power points for a specific brawler to upgrade it. Secondly, you need enough coins, which are collected from brawl boxes. These coins are not brawler specific, however, are often scarce as the amount needed for each power level increases rapidly.

Once you have enough coins and power points to upgrade a brawler, press the “Brawlers” tab on the left side of your screen.

Brawl Stars Brawlers tab in main lobby

Once inside the brawlers tab, press the brawler who you have collected enough power points for and therefore is ready to be upgraded.

Brawl Stars brawler ready to be upgraded

Now you’re ready to upgrade your brawler. Simply press the button below the “Upgrade to power level x” text, and press the button again to confirm.

Upgrade brawler in Brawl Stars

Your brawler has now been upgraded to the next power level and all of its stats are increased.

Ways to earn power points and coins

Power points and coins are needed for upgrading brawlers in Brawl Stars. Power points are earned in several different ways. When playing the game, you earn tokens which turn into brawl boxes when you collect 100 of them. Brawl boxes have a very high chance of containing power points. You can also earn power points by collecting trophies. Along the trophy road, there are several power points rewards which let you give any brawler you have 25 power points. The third way to get power points is by taking advantage of daily deals in the shop. Sometimes there are free claimable power points, and other days you can buy power points of specific characters with coins.

Coins are earned in brawl boxes just like power points, but also appear in the daily deals section sometimes. Some days you can even claim free coins in the shop just like on the image below.

Brawl Stars daily deals in shop screenshot

Cost of upgrading brawlers

The amount of power points and coins you need to upgrade your brawler depend on the power level of that brawler. Below you’ll find a chart over the required power points and coins to upgrade at each power level.

Power LevelPower PointsCoins

What is star power

Star power is an extra buff brawlers achieve once they reach power level 10. A star power is not just a boost of a brawler’s stats, it is essentially a new skill or a buff to an existing skill. An example of this is Nita’s star power which gives her the ability to recover 500 health each time her bear hits an enemy, and her bear to recover 500 health when Nita hits an enemy.

Brawl Stars Nita star power

Maximum power level

The maximum power level of any brawler is 10. Power levels 1 through 9 are achieved simply by collecting power points and coins. Once your brawler is power level 9, you have to find star power within brawl boxes which brings the brawler to power level 10. Unlocking star power on a brawler makes it significantly stronger and more useful in battle. However, star power is quite rare in brawl boxes and can only be found for a specific brawler once that brawler hits power level 9.

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