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Idle Gun Tycoon is an idle game in which you collect and upgrade guns to earn cash.

You can discover more than 50 different kinds of weapons and test each one out at the firing range.

Idle Gun Tycoon is made by Machbird Studio and is available on Google Play.

Idle Gun Tycoon does things a little different than many other idle games as they’ve incorporated both a merging aspect and two active challenges into the game.

But, it is still an idle game in essence, where you can sit back, relax, and let auto cash generation do the work for you.

To help out players of the game, we’ve put together this guide giving you a bunch of tips and tricks on how to become better at Idle Gun Tycoon.

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Merge guns

Merging guns is your primary task in Idle Gun Tycoon.

Every gun in the game gives you a specific amount of cash per second, and the higher the level gun, the higher the amount of cash.

It’s always worth it to merge guns, as a level 10 gun, for example, gives more cash per second than two level 9 guns.

Therefore, there is no point in keeping lots of guns around, just merge them as soon as you get them.

To spawn new guns for merging, press the button right under the merging field, or use the catalog.

Like in many other idle games, you keep earning cash even while you aren’t playing the game.

Because of this, you should always try to bring your best gun to the next level before going offline, as it increases your cash per second tremendously.

When you come back after many hours, you’ll be sitting on a pile of cash, and be able to progress much further into the game instantly.

Idle Gun Tycoon gameplay screenshot

Hit the range

The range is one of the active challenges you can do in Idle Gun Tycoon.

To enter the gun range, press the orange bottle icon on the left side of the screen, right about the merging area.

Inside the range, you can do the Normal or the Challenge gun range.

You do, however, first unlock the Challenge gun range when you get a gun of level 15 or more.

Doing the Normal range gives you a nice chunk of cash relative to the amount of cash you are earning at the moment.

You get cash from passing a new level in the range, but also a bonus based on your accuracy.

Doing the Normal range costs energy, which you get daily, and if you complete a new stage.

The Challenge gun range is a little different. The levels here are much more difficult, and you only get three entrances per day.

When you enter the Challenge gun range, you have to complete as many levels as you can, and you then get a lot of cash and a chance to get a mystery gift in the form of a new weapon.

Idle Gun Tycoon gun range

Unlock ability to buy better guns

As the main driving force behind your progress is merging guns, you need to unlock the ability to buy better guns outright.

For a while, you’ll only be able to purchase level 1 guns for cash, but that changes later on.

To unlock the ability to buy better guns, you need to assemble just a single gun of a higher level.

Upon creating a level 8 gun for the first time, for example, you unlock the ability to purchase level 4 guns outright.

When you create a level 9 gun for the first time, you can purchase level 5 guns outright and so on.

This is very important as you otherwise will be merging forever just to get a new highest level gun.

However, what some players don’t do when they unlock the ability to buy higher level guns, is buying them directly, which you should do.

How to buy specific guns directly

When you’ve unlocked the ability to buy higher level guns, it’s no longer worth it to use the purchase button below the merging area.

The purchase button below the merging area will offer you a mix of guns, instead of just the best one you can purchase.

We recommend you buy the best gun you can instead because it makes you progress a lot faster.

To purchase specific guns directly, press the shop button in the bottom left corner.

Inside, you’ll find a list of all guns in the game.

You can purchase guns 4 levels below the level of your highest level gun for cash, and guns 2 levels below for gems.

From our experience, the fastest way to progress is to exclusively purchase the highest level gun you can buy for cash.

Buying guns for gems is no worth it in our opinion.

Instead, buy boosts for gems if you have any.

Bonuses and daily gifts

There are plenty of bonuses of daily gifts to claim in Idle Gun Tycoon.

You do, however, have to watch ads to claim almost every single one of them.

But, if you don’t mind watching an ad for a bonus, then there’s lots of opportunities for you to earn a lot more cash.

Through the spin button in the bottom menu, you’ll find the lucky wheel where you can get spin for great rewards by watching an ad.

Rewards from the lucky wheel include gems, energy, loot boxes, and pure cash.

You can also speed up your boost your earnings by 5 times by watching an ad through the icon on the right side of the main purchase button.

Lastly, you can claim 100 gems daily by through the gift button in the bottom menu by watching an ad.

How to get rid of a gun

You might find yourself in a situation where you’d wish you could just get rid of a specific gun from your merging area.

Luckily, that is possible. To delete a gun you don’t need or can’t get rid of otherwise, simply drag it from the merging area to the Delete button in the bottom right corner.

Deleting a gun through this method will give you back its base value, but as the cost of guns increases each time you purchase them, you won’t get back what you’ve spent on them entirely.

However, if you need to get rid of a gun, it’s a no-brainer, even if you lose a little cash doing it.

To get rid of a gun through the delete button, you must have at least 5 guns in your merging area.

Target practice

Reaching level 10 unlocks another active challenge in Idle Gun Tycoon, target practice.

You can go to target practice by pressing the green target icon on the right side of the screen above the merging area.

Once inside, a bunch of shooting targets will appear.

Your goal is to get as many hits as possible on the target, preferably in the middle.

If you have an automatic weapon, be sure to use automatic fire as you’ll get a lot more hits on the target.

Every time you enter target practice, you can see what your target score is in the top left corner under Mission.

If you reach this target, you get not only the cash reward, but also a nice gem reward.

The amount of cash you get from each round depends on the score you get.

Idle Gun Tycoon target practice

That’s all our tips and tricks on Idle Gun Tycoon by Machbird Studio.

After reading this guide, you are ready to go all the way and reach that level 50 gun.

If you have any other tips and tricks on the game, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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