Is Fortnite Dying? 2019 Facts & Statistics

Is Fortnite Dying? 2019 Facts & Statistics

People will always claim a game is dying

There will always be people saying that a game is dying, even if the game isn’t. This has been the case for Fortnite ever since it became the biggest game out there, either because people started disliking the game, or they wanted to get some views. However, now with the introduction of Apex Legends, the question of is Fortnite dying has actually become relevant. This is the first time since the explosion of Fortnite that the game is no longer the number one game on all platforms.

Is Fortnite Actually Dying?

Fortnite has without a doubt gotten some serious competition with the release of Apex Legends. So is Fortnite actually dying? Well, it depends on how you define dying. The game will not completely disappear, that’s for sure, however, it could still lose more popularity than it has in recent time. Anyone who frequently visits Twitch or YouTube is certain to have noticed the drop in Fortnite’s viewership.

Fortnite twitch viewership statistics
Source: Twitch Tracker

According to these statistics, it’s pretty clear than Fortnite has taken a beating in terms of viewership since the introduction of Apex Legends. The blue line on the graph represents the number of channels streaming the game on average at any time during a 24-hour period. The green line shows the average viewership at any time during a 24-hour period. What is notable is the steep fall in the number of channels streaming the game, and the initial fall in viewership of about 33%. However, already 2 weeks later, Fortnite has recovered a great deal.

This does not change the fact that Fortnite rarely takes the number one spot on Twitch anymore though. Apex Legends consistently outperforms Fortnite in terms of live viewership.

Fortnite google search popularity statistics
Source: Google Trends

Statistics over the amount of searches for Fortnite on Google in the last 30 days, doesn’t show the same story though. According to these statistics, Fortnite is doing just fine, there are actually more searches for Fortnite 2 weeks after the release of Apex Legends, than there were in late January. There is still a noticeable fall around the release of Apex though.

What has Fortnite done to compete agaisnt Apex Legends?

Epic Games has not ignored the threat Apex Legends poses to their battle royale title. In order to combat this sudden competition to Fortnite, many different measures has been taken by Epic. Firstly, an agressive advertising campaign was started immedietly following the release of Apex. Epic Games even targeted keywords directly and indirectly to Apex Legends. They even targeted the exact keyword, Apex Legends.

fortnite advertising on apex legends google search
Source: 9gag

To keep players playing Fortnite, Epic released an event allowing players to earn the season 8 battle pass completely for free, something they’ve never done before. Beside this free battle pass, a lot of changes were made to the game in order to satisfy the community. Epic also announced a temporary increase in the earrnings through support-a-creator program to incentivize streamers and youtubers to keep making Fortnite content.

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