Legend Piece Tier List – Best Fruits (August 2022)

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There are many fruits based on devil fruits from One Piece to collect in the Roblox game Legend Piece.

What fruit your character currently uses determines what abilities you have and, thereby, how strong you are.

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To help you get an overview of how strong a fruit you’ve found is, we’ve created this tier list ranking all fruits in Legend Piece based on how strong they are.

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Legend Piece fruits tier list

It’s always important to know how good fruits are in a game like Legend Piece, as they determine the abilities of your character and, thereby, how strong you are.

In the following tier list, all fruits in Legend Piece are ranked based on how powerful and useful they are.


The current tier list is based on input from the Legend Piece community.

The order of fruits within tiers is random and is not necessarily in order of power.

Fruits in Legend Piece belong to different types, which describe the nature of their power.

How to get fruits in Legend Piece

There are two ways to get fruits in Legend Piece.

You can purchase fruits from the Fruit Dealer located close to spawn on the first island or find them randomly lying on the ground.

It costs either 250,000 Beli or 1 Gem to purchase a random fruit from the Fruit Dealer.

To purchase fruit from the Fruit Dealer, you need to be at least level 100.

Fruits spawn in random locations around the map every hour and stay there for up to 15 minutes if nobody finds them before that.

That’s the tier list on fruits in Legend Piece and how to get them!

Want to help us improve the rankings in this tier list? Please share your input in the comment section below.

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