Maplestory 2 Daily Mission – Attack enemies using a barracks, which can be found in Redsand Hills

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Daily Mission Guide

This is a quick guide showing you how to complete the daily mission: Attack enemies using barracks, which can be found in Redsand Hills

The first thing you want to do is get to the map Redsand Hills, which is located right here on the world map, under the Karkar Island tab.

DM 37

You can either get there directly with the air taxi or simply go to Ludari City and walk from there.

When you reach the map Redsand Hills, you have to locate barracks which look like this.

Maplestory 2 barracks in Redsand Hills

Simply walk up to it, press your action key to pick up the barrack (default key is space) and then press your action key again to attack with it. Do this 5 times and you will have completed the mission.

Below is a short video showing you how to clear the mission

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