Maplestory 2 Daily Mission – Browse the Shadow Supply Merchant Pepper’s Shop

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This is a guide showing you how to complete the daily mission Browse the Shadow Supply Merchant Pepper’s Shop

The first step is to locate the map Obsidian Mount on Victoria Island. You can see the map’s location on the picture below

Obsidian mount map maplestory 2

Once you reach Obsidian Mount, you have to locate the hidden map Obsidian Mount Shelter where the NPC Pepper is located. The picture below shows you the exact entrance of the hidden map

obsidian mount shelter hidden map location in maplestory 2

Once inside Obsidian Mount Shelter all there’s left to do is speak to Pepper (press your action key while nearby), who looks like the following

pepper shadow supply merchant in Maplestory 2

Congratulations! You have now cleared the daily mission.

Below is a video-version of this guide

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