Maplestory 2 Daily Mission – Defeat Mushmom at Stranger’s House 3 times

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This guide shows you how to complete the daily mission Defeat Mushmom at Stranger’s House 3 times.

Stranger’s House is a hidden map which is located in Henesys. Therefore, the first step in completing this mission is getting to Henesys.

Henesys on the world map in Maplestory 2

Once you are in Henesys, head on up to the top-left corner of the map and look for an orange tree, which is the hidden entrance to Stranger’s House. You can see the exact location of the tree and what is looks like below.

Stranger's House map location and entrance

When reaching Stranger’s House, jump down to the lowest platform where you will find Mushmom. If the boss isn’t there, simply change channel until you find it.

mushmom boss in maplestory 2

Defeat Mushmom 3 times and you will have cleared the mission. You will easily be able to solo the boss.

Below is a video-version of this guide

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