Cornelian Cherry item maplestory 2

Maplestory 2 – How To Get Cornelian Cherries

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When doing the Sky Fortress questline you’ve probably come across the One More Thing quest which asks you to gather 20 Cornelian Cherries. Other quests that require you to gather Cornelian Cherries include

  • Cornelian Cherry Distillation Test
  • Cornelian Cherry Composition Test
  • Cornelian Cherry Nanoscopic Scan

Many players are confused as to where you obtain the Cornelian Cherry. These cherries drop from all Beast/Incest type monsters throughout the Maple World.

A recommended map to farm Cornelian Cherries is at Aquatopia, which is located on Karkar Island. You can see the exact location below.

Aquatopia map maplestory 2

All the bug and snake mobs have a chance to drop Cornelian Berries.

monsters at Aquatopia

Cornelian Cherry looks like the following when dropped

cornelian cherry drop maplestory 2

Another recommended map is Spectrumwood which is located on Victoria Island. Exact location below.

spectrumwood map maplestory 2

Almost every mob on this map has a chance to drop Cornelian Cherries.

monsters at Spectrumwood

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