Meso Farming Guide – Maplestory 2

Meso Farming Guide – Maplestory 2

Farming meso in Maplestory 2 is a great way to improve your character. With mesos, you can buy things such as items used for enchanting or equips with high-rolled stats. There are different ways of making meso in Maplestory 2, we will be covering the following ways

Daily Missions

A great and easy way of obtaining some extra meso is by doing the “Get Rich” daily missions. You can do 3 of these per day, per character and are usually very fast to complete. They should only 1-3 minutes each if you have a flying mount. Each “Get Rich” mission will award you a Meso Mission Box, which contains meso pouches. Meso pouches contain between 1-500k each. Doing 3 “Get Rich” missions will net you around 300k mesos and take about 10 minutes to do. You can do this on as many level 50+ characters you have per day.

meso mission box maplestory 2


Running dungeons is another great way of making mesos. You can either do normal dungeons or hard dungeons depending on the gear score of your character. Lets start with normal dungeons.

Normal dungeons are a lot easier to do, and can be done on almost every level 50+ character. We recommend just doing Tronix Bunker, as that is the fastest dungeon to complete. Doing normal dungeons rely a lot more on luck than hard dungeons. The way you make mesos from normal dungeons is by either selling the blue equips directly on the black market, or by dismantling them into onyx crystal and selling those on the black market. However, the thing that is going to net you the most amount of money from normal dungeons, are tradeable epic equips. These epic equips can be sold on the black market for between 400.000 to 5.000.000 mesos. Epic equips, are, however, extremely rare.

Therefore, we recommend doing hard dungeons if your character has enough gear score. If it doesn’t, you might want to increase your gear score. Each hard dungeon awards either a weapon box, or an armor box. This means that you are guaranteed at least one epic equip each run. These epic equips are not tradeable, so you should dismantle them and sell the onyx crystal and chaos onyx crystal on the black market. Epic equips yield a lot more onyx crystal when dismantled than blue equip. Overall, you will be making a lot more mesos doing hard dungeons than doing normal dungeons. Not only is the amount of meso you earn from hard dungeons more consistent, but there is also a chance to receive rare equips like balrog wings if you spam Temple of Immortals. Balrog wings can go for more than 30.000.000 mesos depending on its stats.

Temple of Immortals rewards

Mob farming

If you enjoy relaxing while defeating a lot of mobs, you can make some meso by simply farming mobs. What you are farming for here is mainly potion solvents, cornelian cherries, or other useful items that are in high demand. Besides these items, you will also find a decent amount of raw mesos as well as equips for dismantling. This method is not the greatest in terms of meso per hour, but if you enjoy this type of farming, you should definitely try it out. You can also go to PvP maps in order to farm treva at the same time. This does, however, require that your character is quite powerful or that you have a party. Some of the maps you can try out include

  • Abandoned Charnel
  • Cave of Eternity
  • Lulu Village
  • Aquatopia
  • Frostember Void

Life skills crafting

Utilizing life skills is another great way of making mesos. The easiest way to make mesos with life skills is by crafting accessories. Many players will buy and use blue accessories over epic accessories for increased stats. It is much easier and cheaper to acquire a lot of blues than epics. Therefore, you are much more likely to roll something good on a blue accessory than on an epic. This is where you come in, you will be crafting these blue accessories for people to buy on the black market. You can either decide to roll the blue accesories yourself, or simply sell the box containing it. Selling the box is obviously a lot more stable, but rolling it yourself gives you a chance to roll a 10.000.000+ meso accessory.

In order to craft accessories you will need to level Mining, Ranching, and Handicraft. Ores for leveling Mining is found in the open world, Ranching Supplies for leveling Ranching is found within houses. We recommend setting up a little farm in your own house. Handicraft is leveled through crafting items with items gathered through mining and ranching.

savagery ring box crafting maplestory 2

Premium dungeon

If you are a premium member on Maplestory 2, you can do the premium dungeon once per day. This dungeon is a minigame where you play one of three maple heroes. Your objective is to destroy as many totems as possible within 3 minutes. Once you’ve cleared this dungeon you will receive around 200k mesos. To access the premium dungeon just open up the challenge map and choose premium dungeon.

premium dungeon rewards maplestory 2

Pet farming

Farming pets is another great way of making mesos. Pets are a huge part of increasing your damage late game, which is why they are valuable. Not all pets are valuable, it depends on their stats and quality. Blue pets with average stats go for around 200k mesos. Those with great stats go for around 1-2 million mesos, while blue pets with amazing stats can go for more than 10 million mesos. If you happen to find an epic pet, you can sell it for more than 100 million mesos no matter the stats on it.

epic pets on black market maplestory 2

World bosses

Another way to make mesos in Maplestory 2 is by farming world bosses. World bosses drop a lot of raw mesos, and a few equips that you can dismantle. The optimal way to farm world bosses is by joining a party of atleast 4 people in order to get the 30% meso bonus. Start at channel 1, kill the world boss on a few channels, then head on to a new world boss. It is recommended to start with Amadon at Ludari Arena on Karkar Island. This boss is the fastest to take down because the fair fight effect is lowest on Karkar Island. This method does, however, greatly depend on how many people at doing world bosses at the moment. Soloing world bosses or even doing with a smaller party, will not yield you many mesos per hour.

Amadon world boss maplestory 2

Selling boss runs

Some players don’t bother to run hard dungeons themselves, which creates an oppurtinity for you to make mesos. It is becoming harder to find parties for hard dungeons at lower gear scores, and many people don’t want to use the challenge map queue. Therefore, an easy alternative is to buy a few runs and quickly boost your gear score. A single Balrog run can be sold for around 400-500k per buyer. Some people sell runs as a team of two, while others solo the boss for up to 3 people. If you can solo the boss in around 10 minutes for 3 people, you could make around 8.1 million mesos per hour (450k*3*60/10=8100k). This is, however, an imaginary perfect scenario, where you have a godly character and 3 buyers at the same time buying at least 6 runs in a row at the same time. Though it does show the potential of this method.

Selling chaos raid boosts is obviously also a great meso making oppurtinity, but is much harder to execute and require more people. However, if you are able to set this up, there are tons of mesos to be made.

Rusted keys

Rusted keys are another item that constantly is in demand. They go for about 40k mesos on the black market. The reason why people need this item, is because they are used for getting B4 dungeon keys. The chance of getting one from a rusted key is quite small, however, and also expensive. Therefor, we recommend just selling the rusted key directly instead of analyzing them.

You can find rusted keys in wooden and golden chests throughout the entire maple world. A great map to farm rusted keys at is North Royal Road. Use your flying mount to spot chests from above. When you’ve checked and cleared most of the map for chests, change channel. Other great maps to do rusted key farming include Blazing Forest and Mounthill.

Rusted keys on black market maplestory 2

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