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Use of Cookies utilizes cookies to track information regarding visitors and their navigation throughout our site. Cookies are also used to provide relevant ads based on your behaivor. Read more about personal ads and how to opt out of them at OptOut. A Cookie is a text file which is stored locally on your computer through your browser.

Advertisements are displayed on, which may also use cookies for their own services. We do not, however, have access to any of these data.

Data does not collect any personal data from its users, unless said data is provided to us by the user. An example of this could be a user leaving a comment on a post, which gives our website their email adress, wordpress username and ipadress from when the comment was posted. We will, however, never contact your email, unless specifically informed to do so.

Third Party Services utilizes services from third party providers including

Therefore, by utilizing our website, you agree to the terms of these services.

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