Roblox Shares Future Goals and Direction for In-game Experience

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Roblox held its Roblox Developers Conference (RDC) at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.

The convention functions as a way to show upcoming technical innovations with some of the top 3D artists, programmers, builders, and content creators in the Roblox community.

The upcoming changes revolve around communication, community, developer tools, and ads. While the conference focuses on developers and content creators, it shows where Roblox is headed for its growing user base.

Incoming Roblox Changes


Roblox is doing its best to bring the feel of real-life communication to its environment.

Roblox has already rolled out voice communications, which allows you to mimic in-person conversations.

Now, starting next year, you will be able to use your webcam to express yourself by mapping your face to your avatar. This will allow you to show a greater range of emotion in real-time.

Roblox Demo of Future In-game Experience

You will soon be able to use your phone contacts to enable friend recommendations. You will have to opt-in for these recommendations.

Also, in the coming weeks, Roblox plans on releasing Facial Animations. The goal is to deliver a more accurate representation of your mood.


Roblox is going to make it easier to find the best experience for you. With Discovery, you will get personalized recommendations based on your preferences.

Also coming are age recommendations, called Experience Guidelines. Experience Guidelines allow developers to set age recommendations for their games and for parents to set parental controls.

Developer Tools

Over the past year, Roblox has worked to improve the performance of its engine. Developers can take advantage of the Luau language to make more immersive worlds without sacrificing framerates or stability.

Roblox has also made improvements to its lighting system, making it easier for developers to deliver a better lighting experience. With the help of machine learning, Animation Capture tools for bodies and faces will allow a developer with a webcam to make professional-grade animations for avatars in a matter of minutes.

Developers have a refreshed Studio interface, and large teams can now collaborate with just a single click.

The final tool coming for developers may be the most exciting. Roblox is about to release its CSG (constructive solid geometry) system.

This real-time system will allow developers to build modeling tools for in-game use. An example of this is that a developer can build a lathe that works in real-time to enable you to create your own unique piece of woodwork.


With the rise of the metaverse, ads will continue to play an important part in revenue. Roblox will be launching immersive ads next year.

This will allow developers to reach you more easily and show off their products. It wouldn’t be a realistic virtual world without ads, right?

They will also tweak the Marketplace, giving full control to its creators. Creators will be able to control the scarcity of their items, allowing for higher resale values and trades.

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