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Fortnite Creative – Race Track Map Codes List

Fortnite race track map codes

Vehicles have been a popular addition to Fortnite ever since it they were released. Even before creative mode was released, players would built race tracks in game. With the release of creative, these tracks only got better and more advanced. Therefore, we’ve created this list of race track map codes. Momma Mak’s Paradise Isle Rainbow

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Escape Map Codes List – Fortnite Creative Mode

Escape Map codes list Fortnite creative mode

A popular genre of creative maps in Fortnite is escape-maps. These maps are essentially puzzles, where you have to combine your parkour skills with your puzzle-solving skills. Many YouTubers have played these maps on their channel with great frustation. We’ve compiled this list of some great escape maps for you to try out. Endless Escape

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