Teamfight Tactics – Best Strategies Guide

Teamfight Tactics – Best Strategies Guide

Teamfight Tactics is a simple game on the surface, but once you get the hang of it, you realize there are tremendous numbers of strategies to run. In this guide, we cover some of the best performing strategies in the game.

Hyper Reroll

The Hyper Reroll strategy has become popular amongst many TFT players because of its reliability. In its essence, the Hyper Reroll strategy is a method in which the player spends all their gold at level 4 with 8 out of 10 exp, and buys all 1-gold champions. The goal of this strategy is to acquire as many 3 and 2-star champions as possible. The lower level you are, the higher the chance of pulling a 1-star champion. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend gold on rerolls or exp before this point. If you don’t buy exp, the optimal time to do the Hyper Reroll is right after the Krugs stage. You should start by buying all 1-gold champions, however, as you quickly find yourself with no more room, you should start focusing on 1-3 champions that you’ve pulled several off during the Hyper Reroll.

Hyper Reroll strategy in Teamfight Tactics

Pirate Start

The Pirate Start strategy requires you to acquire 3 different Pirate champions. Most likely, you’ll pick up Graves, Pyke, and Gangplank, as the last Pirate, Miss Fortune, only appears late game. If you manage to get the Pirate buff, you earn up to 4 additional gold each round. The sooner you acquire this buff, the better. In most TFT games, early game isn’t that important, as long as you don’t lose too much health. Therefore, the Pirate Start strategy is a great way to secure a lot of gold for late game. Notice, you might lose quite a few rounds early on, as the Pirate setup isn’t the strongest in terms of power. Once you get the Pirate buff, get to 50 gold as soon as possible, and you will be rolling in gold each round.

Pirate setup strategy Teamfight Tactics


Arguably the most classic and straightforward strategy in Teamfight Tactics is the Economy strategy. All you have to do in this strategy is to save up 50 gold, to get 5 interest. Once you have 5 interest, you receive an additional 5 gold each round, a substantial bonus on top of the guaranteed 5 gold. There are no specific heroes or buffs you need for this strategy, just 50 gold. Most players don’t buy any rerolls or exp before hitting 50 gold. Once you have 5 interest, you can spend your gold on rerolls and exp down to 50 gold. However, at a certain point, it is best to spend all your gold to survive the next round.

Economy setup strategy Teamfight Tactics

Heavy Exp

The Heavy Exp strategy is essentially just a specific strategy within the Economy strategy. To do the Heavy Exp strategy, get to 50 gold, just like in the Economy strategy. What is different in the Heavy Exp strategy, is the way you spend your gold each round, down to 50 gold. In the Heavy Exp setup, you spend all your gold on exp to increase the size of your team. Acquiring more exp enables you to get more and higher tiered buffs while having more champions on the board than your enemy. Furthermore, leveling up increases the probability of you pulling higher-gold champions. Because of this, you can create some powerful teams quicker than the enemy, such as 6 Nobles with Kayle, or 4 Imperials with Swain.

Heavy Exp setup strategy Teamfight Tactics

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