Teamfight Tactics – Best Early Game Team Compositions

Teamfight Tactics – Best Early Game Team Compositions

Even though Teamfight Tactics is a simple, not mechanical game, it is a very strategic game. With more than 50 champions in the game, a plethora of origins and classes, there are several team compositions you can go for. In this guide, we cover the best team comps and synergies to go for early in Teamfight Tactics.

Best early game team comps

In the early game, you usually see four different team comps. All of these can be built into more powerful team comps later on in the game.

Knights + Nobles

The classic build for early game is two Knights. Garen, Darius, and Mordekaiser are all very common at the start of the game, and all cost only 1 gold each. You only need two Knights to unlock the tier 1 Knights buff: Block 20 damage from basic attacks. Having the Knights buff makes both Knights significantly more tanky in the early game, but later on, in the game, you won’t notice this effect as muzch. Therefore, you don’t want to stack Knights. A great strategy instead, is to get Garen as one of your Knights, and then build towards noble tier 1 quickly with Vayne and Fiora, all of which are easy to pull early on.

Team comp example: Garen, Mordekaiser/Darius, Vayne, Fiora.

Teamfight Tactics Knights + Nobles Early Game Team Composition

Team buffs: Knight tier 1 (Block 20 damage from basic attack for Knights), Noble tier 1 (+100 Armor and heal 35 HP on hit for 1 random ally).

Brawlers + Wilds

Another excellent early game setup to go for is Brawlers. Once again, you only need 2 Brawlers to get the first buff, 300+ hp to all Brawlers. Here, you can go for Warwick, which is a 1 gold unit, and Rek’Sai or Blitzcrank, both of which are 2 gold units. All three of these units appear frequent in the early game. We do, however, recommend you pick Warwick as one of your units, as he is of Wild origin, which allows you to get the 2 units Wild buff by acquiring a Nidalee, another 1 gold unit. This buff gives all Wild units the following buff: Attacks generate a stack of Fury (stacks up to 5 times) with every attack. Each stack of Fury gives 7% Attack Speed.

Team comp example: Warwick, Rek’Sai/Blitzcrank, Nidalee

Teamfight Tactics Brawlers + Wilds Early Game Team Composition

Team buffs: Brawlers tier 1 (+300 hp for all Brawlers), Wild tier 1 (Increase attack speed 7% with every hit, up to 5 stacks for all Wild).

Gunslingers + Pirates

This setup is according to many, one of the most reliable early game setups in the game. Start by acquiring both Tristana and Graves, both of which are 1 gold units and very common early on. Getting these two gives you the tier 1 Gunslinger buff, which gives all Gunslingers a 50% chance to fire additional attacks at a random enemy. Having this buff will significantly increase the power of both Graves and Tristana. Notice, if possible, build the Red Buff item for Graves as soon as possible. As his basic attack is splash, he spreads the true damage debuff to multiple enemies at once. Pyke and Gangplank are great additions to this early game setup, as they are both Pirates and will give your team the Pirate buff: Each round, you earn up to 4 extra gold setting you up for late game. These two units are rarer than Tristana and Graves, as they are a 2 gold unit and a 3 gold unit. Furthermore, as Gangplank is also a Gunslinger, you can quickly obtain the tier 2 Gunslinger buff if you acquire another Gunslinger, Lucian or Miss Fortune. Of these, you are probably looking at Lucian, a 2 gold unit, as Miss Fortune is a 5 gold unit, and only appears late game.

Team comp example: Tristana, Graves, Pyke, Gangplank, Lucian

Teamfight Tactics Gunslingers + Pirates Early Game Team Composition

Team buffs: Pirate (Earn up to 4 additional gold every round), Gunslinger tier 2 (50% chance to fire additional attacks at all other enemies for Gunslingers)


Assassins is a unique team composition to run in terms of gameplay. As soon as the battle begins, all Assassins jump to the enemy farthest away from their initial position. Running Assassins is not only a popular late game strategy, but they are also widely used early game. You need 3 Assassins to unlock the tier 1 Assassin buff, which gives Assassins 150% critical damage. In the early game, the 3 Assassins you are most likely to be running are Kha’Zix, Pyke, and Zed. Kha’Zix is a 1 gold unit, and both Pyke and Zed are 2 gold units. With this simple setup, Zed also receives the Ninja buff tier 1, which increases his Attack Damage by 40%. There is no obvious build to go into further on in the game, which is why most players tend to build 6 Assassins late game. If you do, however, pick up Rengar, you only need one other Wild unit to get the Wild buff. Same goes for Katarina, an Imperial, who only needs one other Imperial to receive the tier 1 Imperial buff.

Team comp example: Kha’Zix, Pyke, Zed

Teamfight Tactics Assassins Early Game Team Composition

Team buffs: Assassins tier 1 (150% critical damage for all Assassins)

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