Teamfight Tactics – Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Teamfight Tactics – Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Strategy

Teamfight Tactics has quickly become a favorite autobattler strategy game among many. Because of its simple mechanics and playstyle, everyone gets the hang of it after just a couple of games. However, even though the game itself is relatively simple, there are a lot of strategies and tricks to utilize, that will give you a higher chance of winning. In this guide, we cover some of the tips, tricks, and strategies that you need to know as a Teamfight Tactics player.

Gold management

Gold is the only currency in Teamfight Tactics. You need it to reroll for a new set of 5 champions for sale and to buy exp. Every round, you receive a minimum of 5 gold. However, there are several ways to increase the amount of gold you receive per round. If you win the round, you gain +1 gold for that round, if you are on a win or loss streak you receive up to +3 extra gold per round, and if you have the Pirate buff, you receive up to +4 extra gold per round. Lastly, depending on the amount of interest you have, you receive up to +5 extra gold per run.

Interest is the most reliable way of obtaining more gold in Teamfight Tactics. For every 10 gold you have, you receive +1 interest, up to 50 gold, which gives +5 extra gold per round. Therefore, many players aim to collect 50 gold quickly, and only spend gold down to 50, to keep their interest of 5 gold per round. Doing this, ensures you receive a minimum of 10 gold each round, instead of the minimum 5 at less than 10 gold in your bag. It is almost a necessity that you aim to get 5 interest relatively quickly, to keep up with the other players late game. If you don’t, the other players will have a significant gold advantage late game. A significant gold advantage means that they have been able to reroll much more than you and buy more exp.

Gold management guide Teamfight Tactics

How to level up champions

To level up, also known as upgrading champions, you need copies of the same champion. There are 3 levels of champions in terms of upgrade, 1-star, 2-star, and 3-star. To upgrade champions to 2-star and 3-star, you need the following.

1-star champion → 2-star champion: two 1-star copies of the same champion

2-star champion → 3-star champion: two 2-star copies of the same champion

So, if you have a 1-star Nidalee, for example, you need to purchase two other copies of Nidalee, and those three Nidalees will automatically transform into a 2-star Nidalee. Furthermore, once you have a 2-star Nidalee, you need another two 2-star Nidalees for those to automatically turn into a 3-star Nidalee. In other words, you need to purchase or acquire from the draft, a total of 9 copies of any same champion, to get a 3-star of that particular champion.

Champion upgrade to 3 stars Teamfight Tactics

How to increase team size

There are currently two ways to increase the size of your team in Teamfight Tactics, through leveling up and by acquiring a Force of Nature. In the bottom left corner, you can see which level your Little Legend, your character, is. The level you are corresponds to the number of champions you can put on the board at one time. So, if you are level 5, for example, you can put 5 champions on the board. Each round you receive 2 exp, but you can buy more exp if needed at a rate of 4 gold per 4 exp. The maximum level in the game is level 9, which means you can have 9 champions on the board.

However, if you acquire the item, Force of Nature, your team size is increased by 1. This means you can have 6 champions on the board, for example, even though your Little Legend is only level 5. You can equip multiple Force of Natures, but they are not easy to get your hands on. To make a Force of Nature, combine two Spatula. You can learn more about items in our best items guide.

Equip item trick

Players often find themselves in the following situation; you’ve just acquired a specific item, let’s say a Recurve Bow, which you need to build that Guinsoo’s Rageblade for Vayne. You already have the Needlessly Large Rod laying on the podium on the left side, but Vayne is already wearing a B.F. Sword, so what do you do? There is an excellent trick that allows you to get that Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Vayne without building another item. Go ahead and buy any champion from the pool. Now, put the Recurve Bow and Needlessly Large Rod on that champion, while it is standing on the sideline, also known as the bench. Once you’ve built the item, go ahead and sell that unit. Because the unit is still 1-star, you receive 100% of the gold you spent on it, from selling it. The Guinsoo’s Rageblade now moves to the podium, and you can put it on Vayne! There you go, you’ve now given Vayne the desired Guinsoo’s Rageblade, all the while she was wearing a B.F. Sword.

Bonus: on the picture below specifically, the effect of the Force of Nature applies to the team, even though the champion wearing it is on the bench.

Building item trick Teamfight Tactics

Item cheat sheet

In Teamfight Tactics, there are 8 base items, and 8 combinations for each base item. Thereby, there are a total of 44 unique items in the game. To make life easier for all TFT players, we’ve compiled the following Item Cheat Sheet, which shows all combinations of items in the game.

Teamfight Tactics Item Cheat Sheet

Team setup and composition

One of the most critical factors in terms of how powerful your team is are the buffs your team possesses. There are both Origin and Class buffs. For example, when you have 3 Assassins on your team, all Assassins receive 150% critical damage. There are many more buffs to go for; therefore, we’ve made a guide on the best early game team compositions for you to explore.

Late game there are even more possibilities in terms of team setup, as you have many more champions to choose. We recommend you go for at least one of the buffs that require 4 or more champions to achieve, such as Demons (2), Glacials (2), Nobles (2) or Assassins (2). Furthermore, you should consider the roles of each champion, such as Support, Damage-Dealer, and Tank. Most compositions work best with a couple of Tanks in front, and Damage-Dealers and Support enclosed behind the Tanks.

Late game glacial and gunslinger setup Teamfight Tactics

Popular strategies

In terms of strategy, there are a couple to go for, most of which determine the way you spend your gold. Firstly, the classic economic strategy requires you to save up 50 gold as quickly as possible. If you pull some specific champion you know you need on your team, go ahead and buy it, but don’t buy rerolls or exp before you have more than 50 gold. Once you have 50 gold, you have 5 interest and can spend all your gold down to 50 gold each round.

Another popular strategy is the hyper-reroll strategy. With this strategy, you spend all your gold on rerolls after the Krugs stage. At this point, you are going to be level 4, with 8 out of 10 exp. There is a significantly higher chance to pull 1-star units at level 4 compared to level 5, which is why you spend all your gold on rerolls at this point. The goal of this strategy is to acquire as many 1-star units as possible and hopefully get a 3-star unit after doing the hyper reroll. Notice, you have to focus on a couple of champions, as buying every single 1-star will fill up the bench, preventing you from purchasing and upgrading any units. After doing the hyper reroll, most players start saving up 50 gold and using the economic strategy from there.

Hyper reroll strategy Teamfight Tactics

Best champion and item combos

With so many unique items and champions, there are an enormous amount of combinations you can choose in terms of items on specific heroes. Putting the best items on any champion will be useful, but particular champions benefit more than others from particular items. In some cases, you can create an absolute monster that essentially carries your entire team. Here are some awesome combinations you can try.

Spear of Shojin + Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Putting a Spear of Shojin and a Guinsoo’s Rageblade is especially powerful on champions with amazing abilities. There are two champions mainly that benefit greatly from this combo, Aurelion Sol and Brand. If you manage to get this combination of any of these champion, you are so to dish out a ton of AoE damage. Your goal with this combo is to drag the round out as much as possible, so your champion can throw out tons of abilities. Two other champions that benefit from this combo greatly are Kayle and Lulu, both of which possess incredible support abilities.

Bloodthirster + Phantom Dancer

Anyone who’s been against this combo knows how annoying it can be. The premise of this combo is to dodge a ton of hits because of the Phantom Dancer while healing back up because of the Bloodthirster. Draven especially is a grand champion to run this combo on. Preferably, put an Infinity Edge on him while running the Imperial buff, and you have yourself an absolute machine.

Red Buff Graves

An item that completely changes the viability of Graves is the Red Buff. Because of Graves’ splash attack, he is able to apply the red buff debuff on multiple enemies at once. Using this combination makes Graves a champion to consider using on your team.

Rapid Firecannon Nidalee

Nidalee is a ranged champion until she transforms into her melee form for the rest of the round. However, an interesting combo that changes the previous is the Rapid Firecannon Nidalee combo. When Nidalee wears the Rapid Firecannon, her attack range is doubled just like the item states. But, once she transforms, her attack range is not only doubled. She instead turns into a ranged melee, with a range longer than most AD Carries. Because of her high damage in melee form, Nidalee actually makes for a pretty great AD Carry once she equips the Rapid Firecannon.

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