What Are Weapon And Vehicle Wraps In Fortnite? Season 7 Announcement

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Fortnite has been teasing some of the new updates coming to their game with the introduction of season 7. One of the exciting features is wraps.

Wraps in Fortnite

A popular addition to many of the current online games is skins and wraps on both characters and weapons. Fortnite has for a long time had skins but has now announced wraps which will be available in season 7.

Wraps are essentially skins for weapons and vehicles. This means that you can upgrade the look of your favorite in-game weapon or vehicle. Some of the new weapon skins look like this

weapon skins in fortnite season 7

However, as mentioned, these wraps are not only for weapons, you can also unlock wraps for vehicles, some of which look like the following

vehicle skins in fortnite season 7

How to obtain wraps or skins for weapons and vehicles

Weapon and vehicles wraps are earned in the game by unlocking levels in the new season 7 battle pass. At the moment there is no announcement of other ways to obtain these wraps, but it is likely wraps will be occurring in the daily store or as missions.

What wraps are being introduced

The only designs that are currently public are the following which has been revealed by Fortnite in their latest v7.00 patch notes and the red one from the battle pass announcement video

fortnite wrap designs

It is, however, quite likely that a lot more designs will be added in the future.

Here you can watch the new wraps in the new battle pass trailer

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