What Gambling Site Does Faze Banks Use?

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Making content around gambling has become quite a big trend among large influencers, YouTubers, and streamers.

One of the people who’ve now started to share content about gambling is Faze Banks, who shares his sports betting on Instagram from time to time.

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Faze Banks has previously been involved with other gambling sites. He also co-owned the CSGO gambling site CSGOWild.

With as large a following as Banks has, some people want to know what site he uses for his sports betting on Instagram.

The site that Faze Banks uses to place his sports bets on Instagram is Rollbit, a popular crypto-based gambling site.

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What gambling site does Faze Banks play on?

Faze Banks plays on the gambling site Rollbit when he shares his betting on his Instagram story.

On top of endorsing the site, Faze Bank is also a partner of the Rollbit site, as stated in his Instagram bio (“partner @rollbitcom”).

What his partnership with Rollbit entails, we do not know, but it is possible that he has equity in the site.

Some other large content creators also use Rollbit for their gambling content and streams.

Does Faze Banks play with real or fake money?

It is believed that Faze Banks plays with his own real money when sharing his sports betting on Instagram.

He is, however, a partner with the site, meaning that he either gets paid by the site or owns equity in the site.

While some or all of the funds that he uses for sports betting may come from his partnership with Rollbit, it is still believed to be money that isn’t provided by the site.

What games does Faze Banks play the most?

Banks usually only shares his sports betting on his Instagram story.

The sport that he bets on the most is basketball.

That’s the site that Faze Banks uses when he shares his gambling on social media!

Disclaimer: Gambling should be viewed purely as entertainment, not as a means of making money. The odds are against you, which means you statistically will lose money in the long run. Only gamble with money that you can afford and are willing to lose. We recommend setting a limit for yourself to control how much you play with. If you believe you have a gambling problem, check Gamble Aware or a similar awareness site in your country.

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