season 8 week 1 secret battle star location fortnite

Where Is The Secret Battle Star In Week 1 Season 8 Fortnite

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After completing all week 1 challenges, you unlock the secret battle star. This battle star will award you 10 battle star points simply by going to it and searching it. The exact location of the season 8 week 1 battle star can be found on the map below

secret battle star location season 8 week 1 fortnite

To get to this week’s secret battle star, you have to either land on top of the building at the start of the game or build your way up there. There is no way to jump all the way up there because of how the building is structured. If you find a redeploy, or volcano vent you might also be able to get up there. Below you can see the secret battle star in game.

Fortnite season 8 week 1 battle star in game

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