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Here you can read what Gamerempire.net is all about and the history behind it.

What is Gamerempire.net?

Gamer Empire is your go-to source for everything gaming – gaming guides on popular games, news on the latest developments in the gaming scene, lists to help you choose the right games or equipment for you, and reviews of newly-released games – we’ve got it all!


Our goal is to create straight-to-the-point guides that give you the answers that you are looking for without wasting your time. We always strive to provide in-depth information about the topic we’re covering in a post to make sure you get the entire answer without having to check multiple sites.


Gamerempire.net was founded by Tim Stadel Clausen back in November 2018. He had previously created and managed other websites and YouTube channels. One day, when he searched Google for information about a topic in a now shut-down game, Maplestory 2, he found that the results offered were poor. There weren’t many guides on the topic, and the ones there were, didn’t cover the topic in detail, which in Tim’s eyes, was an opportunity. Shortly after this, Gamerempire.net was started by Tim, and he started covering in detail the topics relating to Maplestory 2 the internet was missing. These posts are, unfortunately, no longer available on our site due to the game being shut down. After covering Maplestory 2, the primary focus of Gamer Empire became guides on mobile games, and around one year later, the site started to also produce guides on desktop and console games, as well as general gaming and buying guides and gaming news posts. To this day, Gamer Empire is still managed by Tim, who also creates content for the site, but external writers help produce content as well. Gamer Empire has grown rapidly since its launch and now welcomes and helps more than one million visitors per month.

What we cover

Here are the games that we primarily cover currently or previously have covered on Gamer Empire:

  • Roblox
  • Destiny 2
  • Diablo 4
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Paradox Interactive Strategy Games
  • Lost Ark
  • Maplestory
  • Old School RuneScape
  • Project Zomboid
  • RAID: Shadow Legends
  • Rust
  • Stardew Valley

We also cover and write guides for many other video games on mobile, desktop, and console. You can find a complete list of all games we have covered on our all games page.

Besides our guides on games, you’ll also find general posts about the gaming world on our site, including:

  • Listicle posts
  • General gaming guides
  • Gaming news
  • Buying guides


These are all the current and previous team members of Gamerempire.net!

Tim Stadel Clausen

Owner, Head Writer & Editor

Tim, also known as Timzer online, is the founder & owner of Gamerempire.net. He was raised on a wide variety of video games and reached great heights in many of them. Having started several online ventures, including other websites, it was only natural that Tim started a gaming site as well.

[email protected]

Jack Roque

Staff Writer

Having been a gamer his entire life, Jack plays a wide range of desktop, console, and mobile games. He covers everything from guides and tier lists on popular games to general gaming guides and lists here on Gamerempire.net.

Adrian Oprea

Contributing Writer

Based in London, United Kingdom, Adrian Oprea is a Guides Writer. As a professional single-player RPG player, Adrian has often been stigmatized. He has decided to pour his frustration into writing guides!

Zoey King

Staff Editor & Writer

Zoey is a tech and games enthusiast who loves to explore new releases, both in the world of gaming and technology. She manages many of our code lists here on Gamer Empire to ensure they are up to date.

Binh Tran

Contributing Writer

As a game writer, my goal is to craft engaging, informative, and concise articles. Whether it’s diving into the latest gaming trends or writing game guides, I’m always excited to share my insights with others.

Emily Medlock

Contributing Writer

Emily has eight years of writing experience that she uses to connect with fellow gamers. She is a lifelong gamer and addict of FFXIV – a Miqo’te at heart; always ready for a glam contest. For her, gaming is more than a fun activity, it’s therapy.


Contributing Writer

Kadence is an Old School RuneScape veteran with over 15 years of experience. They have been writing across various genres (in and outside of gaming) for years now, becoming a master of their craft at providing in-depth guides and explanations.

Simon Neve

Contributing Writer

Simon lives in Northern Ireland with his wife and two children. When not caring for his family, Simon enjoys video games, board games, and tabletop roleplaying games. When playing isn’t an option he writes about them instead.

Opie Cain

Contributing Writer

Opie has played Destiny 2 since release. Crafting articles that capture the essence of this epic universe. Beyond this, he enjoys 3D printing and 3D modeling, along with social and competitive VR gaming.

Grace Black

Contributing Writer

Grace is a writer, digital artist, and character illustrator from New Zealand with a love for fiction and storytelling. She’s a major horror enthusiast, occasional anime enjoyer, and die-hard Ghost-Type Pokemon fangirl. Favorite video games include Life is Strange, The Last of Us, Overwatch, and Pokemon.

Steve Smith

Contributing Writer

Steve is a tech enthusiast and an avid gamer. He loves writing about, tinkering with, researching and reviewing the latest technology. When not doing something tech related, he enjoys spending time with his family, running, and hiking.

Grant Newgate

Contributing Writer

If a game involves strategy, Grant is all for it. He writes about different genres of games, but primarily strategy games and RPGs. Real-time strategy games are his favorite, but anything that gets the brain going will do.

Nick Lehner

Contributing Writer

Nick is a huge Cleveland Browns fan, history nerd, and videogame fanatic, who loves any and everything sci-fi-related. When he isn’t writing and producing content, he’s watching Frasier re-runs and raging over Call of Duty!


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