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Throughout your adventure in Hero Wars, you’ll get your hands on a wide range of unique heroes, but which ones should you bring on your team and spend resources on for the long term?

In this tier list, we help you decide by giving you an overview of each hero’s potential and strength.

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Some of the very best heroes overall in Hero Wars include Kayla, Julius, Oya, Jorgen, Aidan, and Fafnir. All of these will do exceptionally well in almost every situation. Investing resources in any of these heroes is an excellent decision and will ensure your team does well throughout the campaign.

You can find more details on each champion in the complete tier list below.

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Hero Wars Tier List

With more than 65 unique heroes in the game and more being added continuously – all with their own skillset and playstyle, it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out which heroes to invest your resources into and bring on your team.

Therefore, we’ve created this Hero Wars tier list to give you an overview of each hero’s potential in the game overall.

Using this tier list, we believe you have a high chance of spending your resources more efficiently and thereby progressing faster through the game.

IconHeroRankFactionRoleMain statPlatform
Julius Hero Icon Hero WarsJulius


ProgressTankStrengthPC + Mobile
Oya Hero Icon Hero WarsOya


Kayla Hero Icon Hero WarsKayla


ChaosWarriorAgilityPC + Mobile
Aidan Hero Icon Hero WarsAidan


ChaosHealer, MageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Jorgen Hero Icon Hero WarsJorgen


ChaosControl, SupportStrengthPC + Mobile
Fafnir Hero Icon Hero WarsFafnir


HonorSupportUnknownPC + Mobile
Amira Hero Icon Hero WarsAmira


MysteryMage, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Artemis Hero Icon Hero WarsArtemis


HonorMarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Cleaver Hero Icon Hero WarsCleaver


ChaosTank, ControlStrengthPC + Mobile
Astaroth Hero Icon Hero WarsAstaroth


ChaosTank, SupportStrengthPC + Mobile
Cascade Hero Icon Hero WarsCascade


Iris Hero Icon Hero WarsIris


EternityMageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Yasmine Hero Icon Hero WarsYasmine


NatureWarriorAgilityPC + Mobile
Mojo Hero Icon Hero WarsMojo


NatureMage, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Isaac Hero Icon Hero WarsIsaac


ProgressSupport, ControlAgilityPC + Mobile
Nebula Hero Icon Hero WarsNebula


ProgressSupportAgilityPC + Mobile
Sebastian Hero Icon Hero WarsSebastian


ProgressSupportAgilityPC + Mobile
Xe Sha Hero Icon Hero WarsXe’Sha


ChaosMage, SupportIntelligenceMobile
Faceless Hero Icon Hero WarsFaceless


EternityMage, ControlIntelligencePC + Mobile
Tristan Hero Icon Hero WarsTristan


HonorWarriorStrengthPC + Mobile
Ginger Hero Icon Hero WarsGinger


ProgressMarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Ziri Hero Icon Hero WarsZiri


MysteryTankStrengthPC + Mobile
Judge Hero Icon Hero WarsJudge


ProgressMage, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Octavia Hero Icon Hero WarsOctavia


Aurora Hero Icon Hero WarsAurora


NatureTankStrengthPC + Mobile
Andvari Hero Icon Hero WarsAndvari


MysterySupport, ControlStrengthPC + Mobile
Keira Hero Icon Hero WarsKeira


EternityMarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Krista Hero Icon Hero WarsKrista


ChaosMageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Lars Hero Icon Hero WarsLars


ChaosMage, ControlIntelligencePC + Mobile
Chabba Hero Icon Hero WarsChabba


ProgressTank, ControlStrengthPC + Mobile
Orion Hero Icon Hero WarsOrion


ProgressMageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Alvanor Hero Icon Hero WarsAlvanor


NatureSupport, MageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Corvus Hero Icon Hero WarsCorvus


EternityTankStrengthPC + Mobile
Mushy and Shroom Hero Icon Hero WarsMushy and Shroom


NatureTankIntelligencePC + Mobile
Dante Hero Icon Hero WarsDante


EternityMarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Luther Hero Icon Hero WarsLuther


HonorTank, ControlStrengthPC + Mobile
Morrigan Hero Icon Hero WarsMorrigan


EternityHealer, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Phobos Hero Icon Hero WarsPhobos


EternityMage, ControlIntelligencePC + Mobile
Polaris Hero Icon Hero WarsPolaris


Mage, ControlIntelligencePC
Celeste Hero Icon Hero WarsCeleste


MysteryHealer, ControlIntelligencePC + Mobile
Martha Hero Icon Hero WarsMartha


MysterySupport, TankIntelligencePC + Mobile
Dorian Hero Icon Hero WarsDorian


ChaosSupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Lian Hero Icon Hero WarsLian


MysteryMage, ControlIntelligencePC + Mobile
Peppy Hero Icon Hero WarsPeppy


ChaosMage, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Rufus Hero Icon Hero WarsRufus


MysteryTank, SupportStrengthPC + Mobile
Astrid and Lucas Hero Icon Hero WarsAstrid and Lucas


ProgressWarrior, MarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Lilith Hero Icon Hero WarsLilith


ChaosTank, ControlStrengthPC + Mobile
Karkh Hero Icon Hero WarsK’arkh


EternityWarriorAgilityPC + Mobile
Satori Hero Icon Hero WarsSatori


MysteryMageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Helios Hero Icon Hero WarsHelios


HonorMage, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Maya Hero Icon Hero WarsMaya


MysteryHealer, MageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Cornelius Hero Icon Hero WarsCornelius


HonorMage, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Galahad Hero Icon Hero WarsGalahad


HonorTankStrengthPC + Mobile
Jet Hero Icon Hero WarsJet


ProgressSupport, HealerIntelligencePC + Mobile
Daredevil Hero Icon Hero WarsDaredevil


ProgressMarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Dark Star Hero Icon Hero WarsDark Star


NatureMarksman, ControlAgilityPC + Mobile
Jhu Hero Icon Hero WarsJhu


NatureMarksmanStrengthPC + Mobile
Elmir Hero Icon Hero WarsElmir


NatureWarrior, MarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Qing Mao Hero Icon Hero WarsQing Mao


HonorWarriorAgilityPC + Mobile
Markus Hero Icon Hero WarsMarkus


HonorHealer, SupportIntelligencePC + Mobile
Thea Hero Icon Hero WarsThea


NatureHealerIntelligencePC + Mobile
Heidi Hero Icon Hero WarsHeidi


MysteryMageIntelligencePC + Mobile
Fox Hero Icon Hero WarsFox


ProgressMarksmanAgilityPC + Mobile
Arachne Hero Icon Hero WarsArachne


ProgressWarrior, ControlIntelligencePC + Mobile
Ishmael Hero Icon Hero WarsIshmael


HonorWarriorAgilityPC + Mobile
Kai Hero Icon Hero WarsKai


NatureMageIntelligencePC + Mobile

The current tier list is based on the tier lists and information from Hero Wars YouTubers, Hero Wars Secrets & AsaQr, as well as the Hero Wars Subreddit.

This tier list ranks each hero from Hero Wars in either S, A, B, C, or D tier.

When choosing which heroes to bring onto your team, you should also keep other factors in mind than just a hero’s tier – learn more about this in our team building guide.

Here is a short rundown of what each tier represents.

S tier – Heroes in the S-tier are the best in the game. All these heroes will do well on any team, and are sure to help you progress through the game fast. Putting any S-tier hero on your team and spending resources on them is an excellent idea.

A tier – Heroes in the A-tier perform exceptionally well in battle. You can, with great certainty, use heroes from this tier on your team for a long time without issues. Some combinations of heroes in this tier might even outperform some S-tier heroes.

B tier – Heroes in the B-tier perform as you’d expect from an average hero. They are not exceptionally strong but are not weak, either. B-tier heroes are fine to use just for a while, but you should aim to replace them at some point.

C tier – Heroes in the C-tier are not very powerful, but can be used at the beginning of the game. We do, however, not recommend you spend significant resources on C-tier heroes as you want to replace them soon.

D tier – Heroes in the D-tier are way below average in terms of power and potential. You should aim to replace these heroes as soon as possible, and definitely shouldn’t spend significant resources on these heroes.

Heroes with a + next to their rank are even stronger or more useful than their assigned rank.

That’s our take on a tier list of the best heroes in Hero Wars, as well as the best heroes in specific categories.

If you have any input or suggestions for this tier list, you can leave them in the comments below.

Tim Stadel Clausen

Tim, also known as Timzer online, is the founder & owner of Gamerempire.net. He was raised on a wide variety of video games and reached great heights in many of them. Having started several online ventures, including other websites, it was only natural that Tim started a gaming site as well.

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  1. HelloWorld

    You should really up ishmael to at least c… Also, you are one of the only people I met online who think that Judge belongs in S… (My best hero)

  2. Buizerd

    Great list.
    I was using Martha, Keira, Qing Mao, Yasmine and Asteroth.
    I figured this wasnt the best so now I leveled up Jorgen, Faceless and Celeste.
    What is the best combination with these 8 heroes? and is there another great hero that would combo with this? I was thinking maybe K’arkh to make the team Martha, Faceless, Jorgen, K’arkh, Astaroth. But I kinda like Celeste and Yasmine 😀

    1. Onii-chan

      Among 8, Faceless need good team to share, as she can “mimic” the skills from both team & enemy. Jorgen is awesome, espcially if combined with Andvari. Celeste is my favourite too. Jasmine is useful when she is 3rd because the first 2 will give her time to “charge”.
      Avoid Astaroth as tank. Concentrate either in Aurora, or Rufus.
      your question for combo of above 8, depends of their strength. Try Yasmine/Cain, Keira/Vex, Jorgen/Axel, Faceless/Biscuit, Celeste/Merlin.
      Heroes you should definitely evolve: Iris (most powerful Mage), Nebula (has healing abilities as well), Dante (difficult to be killed), Morrigan (best opponent for Rufus), Sebastian (excellent support), Andvari (can be used as a tank!).
      Have fun!

  3. Rafael

    Hi Tim! First of all, thanks for your work. This Rank was INSTRUMENTAL to help me focus on the best Heroes in Hero Wars. If I may share with the Community some suggestions – this is dated December 30th, 2023:

    – OYA, JULIUS and ARTEMIS are mind blowing when combined. Oya’s ability to draw enemies from the back and middle lines, Julius’s shield and Artemis arrow shower combined is super effective.
    – Combine the top three with any two of AIDAN, FACELESS and FAFNIR, depending on the enemies will prove very effective. The first 2 are my preferred, but Fafnir was instrumental at times.
    – Final supporting crew can include Astaroth, Ziri and (selected occasions) Cleaver.

    Those 9 Heroes were able to get me all the way until the end of the Campaign mode at level 84. Worth pointing out that on starting on Chapter 12, “difficulty level” was always on Dangerous; and on Chapter 13, “impossible”.

    Most effective team: Oya – Julius – Faceless – Artemis – Aidan

    Cheers, guys! Happy 2024!

  4. sara

    My current team is Thea, Dante, Yasmine, Galahad and Astaroth. Is this a good team or not ?
    Should I change some heros ? suggestion please

  5. Sebas

    I stopped playing this game a month ago and this list have changed a lot, almost everyone is S now and the F++ Artemis is S++? REALLY? Can someone explain me it?

    1. H

      FART team really strong right now (Fafnir, Artemis and Tristan + 2 tanks or one tank and Yasmine).

  6. Team for Team

    Definitely, Dante must be in higher position… Also, very important is synergy among the using heroes.
    I am lvl130 with over 1million power. It is important to level 6 – 7 heroes at first and then gradually increase them.
    Very good team is: Aurora (Cain) / Jasmine (Albus) / Andvari (Fenris) / Nebula (or Celeste) / Iris (Biscuit) and Axel as team-pet.
    Changing heroes >> Celeste (Axel), Jorgen, Dante, Heidi.
    Very good & high synergy are > Andvari, Jorgen and Biscuit as team-pet – combined with a tank, a warrior & a healer.
    HAVE FUN!!!!

  7. Sebas

    Here some fixs:
    1) Julius, Fafnir and Mushy are PC + Mobile now.
    2) Mushy is Tank in PC, Idk if she’s Mage in Mobile.

  8. I want to win

    Anyone have any good teams here? I really want to know like what team can counter this Dante, Jet, Sebastian, Nebula, and Iris. And I think that mushy and shroom, Marcus, Thea, Martha, and Aidan is a pretty good team paired with a max Oliver

    1. Hi

      Use karkh astaroth jet nebula and Sebastian to counter that team
      Or use replace that iris on that team with a arachne

    2. Hi

      Besides I would suggest that you use maya instead of Aidan because the more healing you do the more powerful is mushy and shroom

    3. darkie

      nah aidan gonna be faulty that way

  9. Gaufre

    I really like Morrigan. Any good team to play with her?! (PVE)

  10. Shadowcaster

    hero update! i now am using astaroth+galahad+dante+celeste+martha
    all level 77 violet plus 2 and can easly cut through level 100 orange plus 1 5 stars.

    1. noodle

      hi! I am new, and im using astaroth, thea, ginger, corvus and also qing mao. should I replace them?

    2. Team for Team

      Your team can easily be defeated by > Dante-cain, Celeste-chorus, Judge-axel, Heidi-albus, Lilith-biscuit and any team-pet like Axel, Biscuit or Vex. Dante + mages…..

  11. Jose Grande

    why is Kayla S tier? She doesn’t even have any skins.

  12. Shadowcaster

    I think that Orion and Mojo have good synergy when they are purple.

  13. Shadowcaster

    Current team astaroth galahad dante martha and swapping between astrid-and-lucas yasmine jorgen celeste. all level 69 purple +1. im in server 79 guild revolution if anyone wants to join.

    1. Chicken

      How is Fafnir s tier, he is literally the worst hero in my opinion

  14. Liam

    It’s hard to get satori soul stones! What do you recommend! I’m using Aroura, Astaroth, Nebula, (satori maybe) and Ishmael! Good? Also I play ona browser version! Can I still get xe’sha?

    1. Ashendis

      If you’re f2p, getting satori is difficult, therefore difficult to invest. Might be better off getting focusing on someone else in the meantime.

      You don’t need two tanks, especially two tanks that don’t do damage. Replace Astaroth or Aurora with a healer since you don’t seem to have one (no, Nebula does not count). Get one more damage person to hold Satori’s place if you’re set on having him (maybe a marksman?).

      Browser players cannot get Xe’Sha.

  15. DaGodz

    dante is good. he should be higher in rank.

  16. DaGodz

    I think that a good team is dante +astaroth+martha+jorgen+aidan

    1. Ashendis

      I’d replace Aiden with someone else, especially given you already have Martha. Nebula can further/better buff Dante, while Isaac or Sebastian are better damage support options.

  17. Daisy

    My team is Astaroth, Ziri, Keira, Lia, and Yasmine, is this a good team or should I replace my heroes? 🙁

    1. Shadowcaster

      I think to keep Lian, Astaroth and Yasmine, maybe Ziri, and throw away Keira she is bad.

    2. darkie

      it an average team

  18. Shadowcaster

    my team is Galahad-Thea-Astrid and Lucas-Astaroth-Artemis level 47 purple please tell me if I have to get better heroes.

    1. ace

      thea astrid artemis are not good in upper levels, having 2 tanks is not the best for a team and astaroth is better than galahad

      1. DaGodz

        Astrid and Lukas are still good and one of my best damage dealers.

    2. celestelova

      quit that whole team

    3. SuperMaster

      keep asthroth get dante jhu satori and celeste

      1. Shadowcaster

        Thanks! I got Dante, Celeste and trying for Jhu.

  19. doltet

    my team is galahad-anastroth(sorry if i spelled it wrong)-astrid and lucas-artemis-thea lvl 47 purple pls tell me if i have to get better heros.

  20. Spurce

    I have Krista+Lars (Twins), Astaroth, Galahad, and Martha
    any suggestions?

  21. Kiku

    The tier list is missing Kayla.

  22. God slayer

    maybe put another dps like jasmine or karkh, continue investigating on galahad a little but do not focus on him.
    I have my main team : Aurora-jasmine-Sebastian-celeste-jet and second team is: Astaroth-Galahad-Karkh-orion-helios-Martha. I’m level 130 and those two makes me highly ranked in the arena(1-10)
    Maya is good until level 80 , but she can still be good in the outland.
    Also, you can go very fast with jasmine in the campaign, because level 77 you should be chapter 11 or 12.

  23. SAL

    I typically use Galahad, Orion, Dante, Yasmine, & Keira. Can someone tell me what they recommend I do to improve this? thx! Currently all lvl 130, Orange +2.

  24. DT

    Arachne’s main stat is agility, not intelligence. You might wanna review this

    1. DT

      Forgot to specify, on web. This might be based on mobile.

  25. Simba

    My team is Celeste, Maya, Keira Galahad and Astaroth is this good for a team we are chapter 10 purple rank characters level 77 do I need better heroes

    1. gamergirlsma

      Celeste and Astaroth: Yes.

      Keira: Maybe (depends if there are many players with Keira counters on your server – otherwise she’s a yes.)

      Maya and Galahad: No. Use them as backup. I like having someone who debuffs when I’m up against Jasmine (Iris, Sebastian, Dante or Galahad for debuffers). Don’t invest more in either Maya or Galahad.

  26. JTM

    too much brain usage! do other stuff

  27. GobLin

    update this lilith was revamped

    1. GobLin

      I wanna see where lilith is now on the list and whether shes worth investing into

  28. Deadly One

    I don’t think Astaroth worth S+ rank.

    1. gamergirlsma

      I’m always able to take him down easily. I work with Aurora instead. And some with Rufus – his magic resist can be useful.

  29. Zoid

    Opinion. Not gospel.
    I enjoy examining it as much as anyone, which is why I am here. But in the end, I don’t think “best” is all that defined; if it is, it’s not much of a game. Play what you enjoy. Personally, I have lots of fun with Mojo and have found him to be the solution on occasion for the team that I couldn’t otherwise beat.

  30. Kayla

    I personally use a beautiful team of Thea, Artemis, Chabba, and Corvus, and it works amazing. Adding K’rakh though, thank you!

  31. Chris Allen

    Jhu kills hydras. I run Martha-Heidi or Ginger-Jhu-Qing Mao-Yasmine against the Elder Hydra and easily rack up 12+ million damage against any one head, with Jhu contributing at least three quarters of that.

  32. John astaroth

    You ranked Qing-mao higher than Ishmael, but he is stronger than her in a 1:1 battle.
    I suggest you check your ranking

  33. I

    i don’t agree with a few of the categorizations. First, heidi is not a good hero, and should be placed in either c or d tier. Second, Maya is also not a good hero, i don’t know why did you put her in the a tier. She should be in B or C tier. She deal damage, yes, but if you level her up to the top, she is not very good. Third, Corvus is an extremely good tank, with very high health. The only problem is that he doesn’t has the required armor, but he can quickly kill DPS heroes like kiera or yasmine or helios. Fourth, ziri is a very good tank with very high health like corvus, and have even more armor, and should be placed in either A tier or A+. Then jet is a very good hero, and a jet-sebestian-kiera team can literally destroy the enemy team within seconds, if their is no Helios. Also jet works very good with a crit-hit hero. Lastly, dante is a good damage dealer with a very high dogde(second after heidi, in fact). He should be placed in A or B tier.

    1. Nokkhao

      Heidi is ranked as grade A for her dodge power, and only for dodge team IMO

    2. Juggler

      Heidi is extremely good if you have two healers in the team. My guild has a guy set up two teams to deal with physial or mage teams that can guarantee him the #1 position in Arena. His teams are:

      1. Aurora + Markus + Celeste + Sebastian + Heidi
      2. Aurora + Markus + Celeste + Sebastian + Orian

      His pet patron is either Axel or Cain.

      By switching only Heidi and Orian in those two teams, he can easily defeat almost any Physical / Mage team.

      Heidi’s damage output is just crazy with the support of two healers.

    3. Mira

      The only heroes in the S tier for PC version are Celeste, Corvus, Heidi, Lian and Arachne.

    4. JTM


  34. KFL20210521

    I don’t see Tristan. Also, I don’t recognize Isaac. Also, I think Ziri should be at least A Tier. She’s my strongest hero right now. Morrigan should be at least Tier B, she’s pretty strong when placed in the right team.

    1. Greatness

      Tristian is on Mobile, not Web. And my Ziri is at Violet Rank-she’s one of 3 tanks I have-Galahad and Asaroth are the other two-she does little to no damage, but has the highest health of any of my tanks, which is why I use her. B rank is fine for her.

  35. Jake

    Curious why you think Daredevil is so low… she can take out a tank with one special ability. She’s my most powerful marksman

    1. Nokkhao

      In the late game, (lvl 100+) Daredevil is not that powerful.

  36. elijah abbott

    i think an astaroth team is great im level 75!! ???

  37. herowarsboss

    im on 72 and galahad does 15819 damage and chabba does 11859 damage

  38. ihawk110

    I suggest adding Tristan to the ranking. K thanks

    1. Cletis007

      I was looking for Tristan and couldn’t find info on any threads for him..

  39. Ryan

    Noticed you left out Tristan. Is he newer than when you posted this?

  40. 1232324

    Í’m level 42 and for me Phobos is really good.

  41. 20070126

    Nah bruh i think ginger is great for low lev shes my top person her ability is crazy good idk for like really high people but im like around 37 and she great

    1. Trae

      I just got into this game as of the last month or two and Ginger is definitely good at the level you mentioned but she starts to get a good amount of separation (For the worse) when you start unlocking the better characters. Having read this and other articles I have decided to take the wrong approach and will be rearranging what I spend resources on!

  42. matt

    Thanks for your insightful article. Question: Is this list in an order within each lettered tier, or is each hero within the grade group in no specific order?

    1. KillaCam

      Order looks alphabetic within each tier.

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