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Direct display advertising on our site

On all posts on, display advertisements are placed to help us keep the site free to use for everyone. All our display advertising, including video advertising, is managed by our ad partner Raptive. If you wish to run a direct display advertisement campaign on our site, please contact Raptive directly through their advertisers contact form. You can also create display advertising campaigns on our site through any major ad exchange, but we recommend that you contact our ad partner directly for better flexibility.

Sponsored posts

If you wish to share a specific message about your company, product, event, or something else relating to your business, you can purchase a sponsored post on With a sponsored post, you decide the overall message and theme of the post, but it has to be within our guidelines and have gone through our editorial process.

Guidelines for sponsored posts

We do not accept all inquiries for sponsored posts on our website. All sponsored posts must comply with our guidelines for sponsored posts, and it is always at our discretion whether or not we wish to work with a company and publish a sponsored post for them. These are the overall guidelines for sponsored posts on

  • Sponsored posts will have a disclaimer at the top of the post stating that it is sponsored content.
  • Outbound links in sponsored content will have the ‘sponsored’ and ‘nofollow’ rel attributes.
  • The topic of the post must not be controversial or of adult nature.
  • No inaccurate or false information to deceive readers.
  • Offensive language is prohibited.

Contact us to see if your idea for a sponsored post is a good fit for our site and something we wish to publish. We can write the sponsored content for you, or you can provide the content yourself. In case you wish to provide it yourself, we reserve the right to edit it, so it fits our editorial standards and sponsored posts guidelines. Whether we write the sponsored content for you or you provide it and we edit it, you get to approve the final product before we publish it on our site.

Send sponsored post inquiry

Have an idea for a sponsored post you’d like to publish on our site? Great! Contact us through the form below, and we’ll be in touch with our latest prices and any other information you need to know.

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After you submit your inquiry, we’ll review your submission and see if it’s something that we feel is a good fit for our site. We strive to give a response within 3 business days. However, as we receive many emails every day, we cannot guarantee an answer to all inquiries.

Disclaimer on sponsored content

Some posts on have a disclaimer at the top stating that the post you’re reading is sponsored content. Sponsored content means that we’re working with a company to advertise their product, service, event, or something else. We are being compensated in exchange for us promoting a company’s message through sponsored content. As we always want to be transparent with our readers, all sponsored content has a disclaimer at the top of the post.

Sponsored press release

Besides offering sponsored posts on, we also offer sponsored press releases. On rare occasions, we share the original press releases from projects without compensation. The majority of those we share on our site we receive compensation for, though, and when we do, we inform the reader with a disclaimer at the top of the post. Sponsored press releases still have to comply with our sponsored posts guidelines, but we do not edit the content. We share them in their original form. If we deem that the content of a potential sponsored press release doesn’t fit our site, we won’t share it. To inquire about a sponsored press release, please use the form above.

Email list disclaimer

The emails that we send out to email list subscribers may contain affiliate links or sponsored messages, in which case, they will have a disclaimer stating so in the email. Our ad partner assigns an anonymized email identifier to users who sign up for our email list on our site, which they use to improve the relevance of the ads that are displayed for the user.